11 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Dads in Suffolk, Norfolk & Cambs

My husband has been a dad for nearly seven years now, but he’s only been home for Father’s Day about half of those. He sometimes travels for months at a time with his job, meaning I’ve been off the hook for the past few years. Now that we have three kids and he will most definitely be home on his special day, I need to get my life together and sort something out. He is an extravagant gift giver and always seems to find me the perfect gift so I would really like to not mess this up.

We are currently in the high maintenance stage of parenthood – three kids under six – so I’m pretty sure my husband’s dream gift would be silence and just one night’s sleep sans knees to the crotch. Keep dreaming, dear. I also just realized I need to come up with something for the Grandpa’s, too, and that I should have done that before now as it will need to be shipped from England to America. SOS! Someone come do this for me; adulting is hard.

In case you, too, are riding the struggle bus for Father’s Day gift ideas, allow me to offer up a few suggestions:

  1. Baby’s Footprint + Poem
    This one is cheap and cheerful and super simple. Grab a nice thick piece of paper, paint your baby’s foot, and stamp it on the paper. Just a little pro tip – this one works best when your little one is asleep (I learned this the hard way). You can then either write or print out a poem, a movie quote, or song lyrics that are meaningful to you. Make sure you add the date and then pop it all into a cute frame.
  2. Questionnaire
    These are especially fun with three and four year olds as they’re old enough to talk but don’t always get the story right. Ask them questions about their dad/grandpa and either write down the answers, or even better, make a video of their responses – funny speech and high pitched giggles included. Grab your free copy by clicking the link below!
  3. Soap Box Derby Wicksteed Park
    This will inevitably include a couple wipe outs as all the soap box cars are amateur-made. The Derby falls on Father’s Day weekend this year, making it a perfect day out for the family. Wicksteed Park also has rides, gardens and cafes so the kids can pester their dad for tickets and junk food – what dad can resist?
  4. Adnam’s Southwold Brewery Tour 
    My husband has wanted to do this for years but as no one under 18 is allowed, it just hasn’t happened. We somehow seem to keep popping out children so just when they get old enough to stay with a sitter, another one comes along. The Brewery Tour isn’t just beer, though. They also offer distillery tours and a Make Your Own Gin course. 
  5. Celik’s Men’s Room Gift Card
    I know I’m not the only person who gets sucked into the rabbit hole of waxing videos, right? Those things are addicting! Celik’s is a full service barber and salon and yes, that includes waxing services. They also do “singeing” which basically involves lighting a giant q-tip on fire and tapping it on your ears and face. If they had treatments for females, this would be on my Mother’s Day wishlist!
  6. Liquor, Decanter, Glasses
    I have consumed approximately one glass of wine in the past ten years so this is definitely not my area of expertise. But, my husband loves whisky and gets giddy when he finds a new bottle that he likes. His favorite distillery is Jura so one year, I got him a higher-priced bottle and then visited Treasures Antiques & Vintage in Newmarket to pick out a vintage decanter and matching glasses. He uses it almost daily so I think I did alright!
  7. Meathead, Rib rack, & Smoker box
    I don’t cook. Thankfully, my husband does and he gets serious about his gear. Last weekend, we hosted a barbecue where he smoked six racks of ribs over hickory wood and then created his own rub for something called “Georgia Yard Bird.” All I know is that it was delicious and he got the recipe from a book called Meathead which Amazon described as the Bible of BBQ. In order to create this heavenly feast, he used this rib rack and this smoker box. If you have a grill fanatic, these are great tools that won’t break the bank. Also, you get to eat delicious food as a result so this seems like a win for everyone.
  8. 4-in-1 Combo Grill
    This is a splurge but if you have a barbecue master, this thing is awesome. It’s a charcoal grill, gas grill, smoker AND deep fryer all in one. While Chef Dad was grilling up his Georgia Yard Bird last weekend, he also churned out enough deep fried onion rings to make the Minnesota State Fair proud. And he did it all without completely destroying the kitchen. Also, the smell of hickory wood chips smoking on a summer afternoon is probably what heaven will smell like. Fact.
  9. Support the Edward Foundation
    The Edward Foundation relies completely on donations to help rescue bulldogs across the UK. They have a huge network of volunteers, fosters and vets who offer their time and resources to help bulldogs at risk or being used as a commodity. Donations are vital to keeping the charity up and running so a donation in your dad’s name could be a thoughtful gift. There is also a huge need for fosters as well as adopters. You may not be able to time this to happen exactly on Father’s Day but if you love bulldogs, definitely look into this. We just passed the one year mark of adopting our own Edward Foundation dog – Wilbur, bulldog rescue #576, and he is the chillest, snoring-est, laid back pup to ever exist.
  10. Concert Tickets
    There are always loads of concerts going on, especially this time of year. And if the dad in your life is a superfan of a musician no longer performing, see about a tribute act. My husband has an undying affection for Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie and we’ve managed to see both of them in concert (MJ was obviously a tribute act). If you plan to make it a family event, be sure to check if there are any age restrictions. We bought family tickets to Lionel Richie only to find out no under-5’s are allowed which was a huge disappointment. Thankfully, we can resell those tickets via StubHub or even Facebook Marketplace – both good spots to hunt for deals.
  11. Holiday
    Finally, if you really want to go crazy, why not book a family holiday? GoogleFlights is a great way to find cheap tickets; find the cheapest place and visit somewhere new! We managed to find tickets to Copenhagen for just £37 using GoogleFlights. But you don’t even have to get on a plane to have a grand adventure. My husband fell in love with York on our last visit and has been trying to plan a return trip ever since.

So there you go! Just a few ideas to help you out and not drop the ball this Father’s Day. If the days got away from you and you only have time for a quick gift, grab my questionnaire and film the kids talking about their dad or grandpa. Super simple, super cheap, but very memorable and possibly embarrassing – that’s a win!

Wishing all the dads a day full of relaxation, thoughtful gifts, and no whining. And to my own dad, the one and only Johnny Oscar: I love how we don’t even need to say out loud how I’m your favorite child. Happy Father’s Day!


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