4th Wedding Anniversary – Savannah, Georgia

In honor of not killing each other for the past four years of marriage, we decided to take a quick detour through Savannah, Georgia. The Sarge found us a great deal on a fancy shmancy golf resort across from the River Walk. Unfortunately, he didn’t get to enjoy the golf course as the weather was bordering on a hurricane but the views were beautiful and the beds were heavenly. The Diva approved.

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Much to Lena’s delight, we rode a boat across the river and enjoyed a delicious anniversary dinner at River House Seafood. Somehow, our little munchkin managed to sit quietly for the entire meal so it almost felt like a real date.

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After purchasing a pound and a half of pralines, eating them in bed, and sleeping off our sugar comas into the next morning, we set off to have lunch at the infamous Green Truck Pub. Jason and Dustin had visited this mecca of organic goodness several years before and hadn’t stopped talking about it since. Unfortunately, I was feeling nauseous so wasn’t too adventurous in my meal selection but my little bowl of soup did just the trick. We even ordered a slice of Pecan Pie for the road per Jason’s strong recommendation and love for all things pecan. Lena, meanwhile, was completely unimpressed by it all.IMG_9030

IMG_9044 IMG_9041 IMG_9042 IMG_9043

On to the River Walk, we spent most of the time diverting Lena from throwing herself off the dock. No matter where we are, she has this insatiable need to put herself in the most dangerous places possible. I’m sure if my mom had been with us, she would have been in a full-blown panic.

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Jason was in heaven being surrounded by so much candy especially as his love for salt water taffy is unrivaled. Most of the stores were holding demonstrations and handing out free samples. So Lena got to try her very first taste and it’s safe to say she is just as obsessed as her Daddy. Apparently, it takes a lot of concentration. She was also enthralled by the falling candy and plethora of options. It took awhile to drag these two out of the store.

IMG_9060 IMG_9075 IMG_9082 IMG_9079 IMG_9077 IMG_9080

After another quick run up and down the River Walk and some portraits as requested by my little model, we hit the road en route for GeeGee and Mimi’s house. And please excuse the giant scab on Lena’s forehead. A few days prior, she had an incident at the playground involving her face and a swing. Jason was on duty as I was getting a pedicure so I take no responsibility for any future facial scars. Ah, memories.

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