8 Month Time Capsule

I want to record a few things about Aksel before I completely forget and then he gets upset as an adult when I can’t tell him about popping his first tooth or the time he got a black eye from his sister. I’ve actually already forgotten the exact timing of these things, so… sorry, buddy. I promise you are still very loved.


Aksel is basically an angel. He is, hands down, the easiest baby on the planet. He only ever cries if he’s tired and once you lay him down, he’s out within a few minutes. It is one of the most glorious things ever after dealing with a non-sleeper for over two solid years. He night nurses a bit but generally gives me several long stretches each night which means I actually feel like a functioning human on most days. I always wanted to secretly stab people who told me their children were good sleepers as I figured they were either lying or drugging their children. Turns out, they were actually telling the truth!


Speaking of nursing, this little guy is all business. He wants to get in and out of the buffet line as fast as possible and I think he must be some sort of power eater or a camel as he goes a few hours in between feeds yet still maintains a delicious layer of squish around his baby wrists. Also, his double chin is edible. I know this as I make a point to kiss and nuzzle it several times a day.


He has captivating eyes like his sister though they’re a much darker blue. Perhaps a bit more hair but it looks like it will be a beautiful golden blonde from the little bit that has started growing through. He might have more hair if I could stop petting his head. I fear I may be wearing a bald patch into his dome but I can’t stop rubbing it because it feels softer than rabbit fur. Someday all this goodness will be replaced by stubble and stinky pits and I am not at all ready for that.


The Doo-Doo Rod, as he has (affectionately?) been nicknamed, is happiest when he’s outside. It makes no difference to him whether it’s hot or cold, raining or sunny; he just wants to be outdoors. Since we only have pavement in front of the house, he spent a good deal of time¬†this summer¬†in his exersaucer while Lena and her friends rode circles around him and made him laugh. Meanwhile, I was frantically painting cardboard in preparation for Lena’s 4th birthday party and attempting to keep the aforementioned children off my masterpiece.


I could not possibly love this little guy any more. He is the epitome of calm, easy to be around, and the perfection addition to our family. I would have 10 more babies just like him if I could. We love you, Aksel-Man!


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