A Weekend in Copenhagen

The summer I turned eight, I spent an entire month in Denmark while my mom went to weaving school. When I wasn’t hanging out under the looms or wandering around the farm, I went to school with the girl next door. I remember the teacher asking me to point to Denmark on the map and when I answered incorrectly, the entire class erupted in laughter. And then they called me Mr. Hamburger for the rest of the day. Solid burn, guys.

Speaking of names, all my eight-year-old dreams came true when I found “Tove” monogrammed on every item imaginable. There was even a florist shop called “Tove’s Blomster” that I proudly posed in front of for a picture – tornado bangs and permed hair included. I got to pick out the most amazing Lego house I’d ever seen and eat delicious open faced sandwiches for every meal. Denmark was my heaven.

Ever since then, Denmark has been high on my list of places to visit. Norwegian Air was running a special this past February during half term break for £37 roundtrip to Copenhagen. Done and done. 

We spent the first day walking around and getting our bearings and attempting to navigate the bus system (not always our strongest point). After walking for a few hours, we were ready for a break and somehow, Lena and I ended up at Fish Kiss – a spa that specializes in fish pedicures. I can’t talk about it because it makes me feel light headed and faint. Fish and feet really, really gross me out. But at least I can say I tried it.

We also subjected our children to troll trauma; a rite of passage for all proper Scandinavian children. I grew up with these creepy monsters all over the house and have the psychological issues to prove it. As a reward for their bravery, we let the kids wander around the Lego store. 

The next day, we took a boat tour through Copenhagen. I highly recommend this as you get to see all the sights from a bit different perspective. The kids fell asleep so it almost felt like Jason and I were on a date. This is about as close as we’ll get to an exotic getaway these days. 

We basically ate our way through the city for the rest of the trip and I think Lena may have consumed her weight in sausages. The girl was unstoppable. These spots were the highlight of the trip and I will definitely visit again the next time we go:

  • Experimentarium A hands-on science and technology center geared for kids but equally entertaining for adults. We could have easily spent the entire day here.
  • Papirøen A giant warehouse offering street food from around the world as well as traditional Danish cuisine. It’s right next to Experimentarium and the only reason we left was because our stomachs were on the verge of bursting. SO GOOD.
  • National Museum of Denmark We didn’t even make it past the kids section as there was just so much to see and do. Everything was interactive and so well thought out.
  • Torvehallerne It’s advertised as being “not a supermarket but a super market.” They had everything from fresh produce and fish to paleo pølser and gourmet chocolates. The open faced sandwiches paired with Mikkeller beer served on Royal Copenhagen plates was definitely a highlight. 

And last, but not least, we took a tour of Christiania. There are no photos allowed inside which really intrigued me. It’s a former military barracks turned self-proclaimed autonomous neighborhood. Upon entering the gates, the signs warn that you are leaving the EU and there are a number of huts scattered around selling a variety of things to smoke. Lena had found this massive rock and toted it around all of Christiania. When we were getting ready to leave, we told her she needed to leave it there and a massive meltdown ensued. It’s funny now but neither Jason or I were very amused at the time. And she still holds it against us!

Despite the Copenhagen Rock Riot of 2016, we had an amazing trip. Denmark was everything I remembered and hoped it would be. And I even managed to pick up some balloons printed with the name “Aksel.” Lena possibly earned the nickname Mr. Pølser; a fitting title for the daughter of Mr. Hamburger.

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  1. Ashley McGriff March 8, 2017 at 6:12 am - Reply

    I wish our families could explore together!! It would either be insanely fun or just insane. I miss you!!!!!

    • Tove Hansen March 8, 2017 at 7:50 am - Reply

      I am certain it would be both haha! I say we meet up in Paris; show the kids and husbands our old stomping grounds 🙂

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