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Sarcastic Scandi A Blog By Photographer Tove Hansen Of By Tove Hansen Photography Of Newmarket, In Suffolk United Kingdom

Wife to The Sarge, mama to three little Viking babies, believer in Jesus, Intactivist Lactivist. I grew up in Gig Harbor, Washington, surrounded by a family with a die-hard dedication and pride of all things Norwegian. In addition, we have three generations of identical twins; my mom and aunt being the original gangsters. It’s not scientifically provable, but I’m fairly certain I’m a hybrid clone of my mom and her twin sister. It remains to be seen if my daughter and I are identically matched but her temper tantrums and sense of humor all point to yes. The common family fear is that we’re all turning into our mothers and judging by the deeply ingrained mannerisms we all share, that fear is becoming a reality.

After university, I moved to Arizona, then North Carolina and finally England. I love reading blogs, watching documentaries on Netflix, and sawing sweet tunes on my fiddle. By day, I’m a documentary photographer and graphic designer (and many times, by night while my kiddos sleep). And while I’m fluent in English and Norwegian, sarcasm is my native tongue. Thanks for stopping by!

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