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Energetic and hyper 20-something who loves socializing and going out on weekends. Made a daily effort to put on make-up and clean clothes. Could be found traveling to New York for work, art directing photoshoots and designing print materials. Fiercely independent and career motivated. Last seen in Arizona and Washington state. See photo below:

She is now believed to be somewhere near Raleigh, North Carolina, being held captive by a demanding mini-human. Sources say she spends her day nursing, changing diapers and desperately seeking adult interaction via social networking sites. The latest report showed her sewing a shirt and doing laundry on a Friday night.  Experts believe her to now be a sleep-deprived 30 year old with a blue-eyed barnacle attached to her at all times.

Seriously, when did I become so … old?!

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Wife, mama, graphic designer, and documentary photographer. Never met a piece of chocolate I didn't like. I love celebrating special occasions, exploring new cities through their local cuisine, and kissing my babies incessantly.

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