Barbies and Twins

The day I left for college, my mom started cleaning out my room so she could transform it into a guest room. The woman has an insatiable need to organize and purge her home. I am always surprised when I find she has held on to certain keepsakes especially when they’re toys as she loathes the clutter they cause. However, one toy that is surely safe from the donation pile is her original Barbie doll. I can remember playing with this set as a child when I’d visit my grandparents and it’s fun to think that Lena will carry on that tradition as well.

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My grandparents immigrated from Norway in 1949 with just a handful of money and as a result, my grandma was very creative when it came to gifts for her daughters. For Christmas one year, she sewed new wardrobes for her daughter’s Barbie dolls. You can see them hanging in the case; evening gowns, gingham sets, corduroy jacket, knit sweaters… These are some of the sweetest keepsakes and I know my mom really treasures them.

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Both the ‘rents had to work so we snapped some quick pics before driving up to Seattle for another playdate with Kristi and her sister, Amber.

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Amber is a couple years younger than us so I’ve always thought of her like a younger sister. However, after seeing her with her twins, I am in absolute awe of her abilities as a mama. To begin with, her house looks like my Pinterest dream board – open, airy, full of light and beautifully decorated. Even the toys for the twins were trendy. Lena was enamored with this wooden puzzle tray and luckily, Colton and Julia were happy to share.

IMG_3015 IMG_3034 IMG_3042 IMG_3064

On top of having a beautiful home, will you please just look at these kids?! Colton is going to be a little heart breaker, no doubt. And Julia is going to be tall and pretty like her mama. The girls decided to hold hands up and down the hallway (we may have encouraged this with over-the-top gushing) and it went great until Colton got jealous that someone was stealing away his twin sister. He did not want them holding hands and kept breaking up the party. So they all decided to hug it out. Unfortunately, I didn’t capture it on camera because I was too busy clapping and squealing.

IMG_3048 IMG_3053 IMG_3072

After their nap, we took the kids to a park near the house. The entire time I kept thinking of ways to either move in with Amber and her kids or find a way to convince Kristi to come live with us in England. Neither of those options are looking promising at this point which makes me quite sad.

IMG_3067 IMG_3078 IMG_3087

The kids had a great time running all over the playground while we snapped pictures and tried not to laugh at Colton’s pitiful crying fit. I don’t even remember what had him so upset but he got over it pretty quickly.

IMG_3098 IMG_3103 IMG_3120

After a dance party in the playhouse, it was time to head home for the day. Lena pretty much went into a sleep coma before I even pulled out of the driveway. I am so thankful for the friendship of these girls and hope our kids will grow up to be just as close. Judging by the hand holding and hugging, I’d say they’re off to a good start!

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