Bath – Roman Baths, Buns, and the Abbey

After our day in Lacock, we drove into Bath and checked into our hotel. It was in a great location just outside the city center but did require a four story climb up some steep stairs just to get to our rooms. I guess that’s what you get when you travel with a three month old. No one wants to listen to a crying baby at night.

Speaking of babies, don’t let this happy face fool you. This kid decided his first stay in a hotel was just too exciting for sleep and proceeded to keep me awake all night long. So I was a bit of a zombie the next day and almost opted out of walking through the Roman Baths but decided to just suck it up. The weather was beautiful and the temperature was fairly mild and I hoped all those things would help to perk me up.

IMG_2422IMG_2425 copyIMG_2429 copyIMG_2428 copyIMG_2430 copy

I gave Jason the camera for most of the tour and he was kind enough to snap this lovely photo of me and my youngest child. This was the state I was in for most of the day. So the Bath trip is a bit of a blur as I’m not entirely sure which parts I hallucinated and which parts were actually real. Welcome to motherhood.

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And here are some of the sights. Super informative, I know. But you get the idea. If you want a more thorough explanation, here are the recaps from our last trip when I only had one child and a larger percentage of my brain was functioning: Bath Assembly Rooms, Bath Fashion Museum, and the Roman Baths.

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Since we’d been to Bath before, I wanted to check out a few things we hadn’t done the first time and had read about the famous “Bath Bun.” We stopped for lunch at the similarly named tea shop where Jason found nothing of interest on the menu and so ended up with a cream cheese, celery and grape sandwich. Meanwhile, Lena made loud noises and Aksel pooped which was convenient since I had to change him in the hallway due to the lack of a baby room. In other words, we were totally appropriate. But the Bath Bun was tasty and we’ll likely never see any of the diners again so there’s that. Also, I don’t ever think I’ve looked so tired in my life.

IMG_2467 copy IMG_2468 copy

We browsed a few shops before ducking in to the Abbey before it closed. It was absolutely beautiful and the light was amazing so I had fun shooting tons of pictures. All the walls and floors were adorned with memorials and tombstones dating back hundreds of years. And the stained glass windows were massive.

IMG_2471 copy IMG_2478 copy IMG_2480 copy IMG_2483 copy IMG_2484 copy

Lena found this small little alcove and I caught her just as she was kneeling down to look at a poppy that had been laid on the memorial. It was apparently dedicated to fallen soldiers from various wars.

IMG_2488 copy IMG_2489 copy IMG_2491 copy IMG_2499 copy

Finally, we had dinner at Rustico Bistro – a place we had visited on our last trip to the city. Jason and I kept trying to figure out where we knew our waiter from then finally realized he looked like Hank from Breaking Bad. Except he had a thick Italian accent and was much more jolly. He kindly snapped this photo of us; capturing my utter fatigue and Lena’s general attitude about the entire trip. Buon appetito!

IMG_2506 copy

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