For the past three weeks, we’ve been living at our friend’s house. Surprisingly, we haven’t wanted to kill each other yet which is impressive considering there are four adults, one toddler and three dogs all living under the same roof. Uncle Ducky and Auntie Meow, as we affectionately call them, are practically saints.

These are two of the most thoughtful and trustworthy people you could ever meet. I have to be careful what I say around them because they will hear the tiniest request and immediate take care of it. The Bacon Bit is a picky eater and for the most part, still prefers to nurse. I made the offhand remark that I wished she would eat more and next thing I know, Ducky has gone out and bought her a sample platter of organic baby foods complete with special spoons to feed her.

Meow will randomly come home with my favorite Starbucks drink and then offer to watch Lena so I can relax even though she’s been working all day.

They cleaned out the closet in their spare bedroom and bought Rubbermaid drawers so we wouldn’t have to live out of suitcases for 3 weeks. There were hangers for our clothes, Andy Griffith episodes pulled up on Netflix to get Lena to sleep and even a white noise machine to drown out the sounds of everyone getting ready for work in the morning. Meow even went so far as to decorate the house for Christmas because she was worried we wouldn’t have a house in England and would miss out on Christmas this year. If I think too much about all they’ve done for us, I’ll start to cry.

These people love our daughter as if she were their own and would do anything we asked of them. Their marriage looks a lot like ours as far as division of chores is concerned – Auntie Meow is gifted at burning food just like me. And Ducky like to push buttons much like The Sarge which makes for fun evenings of clowning on one another.

We have been so incredibly blessed by the friends we’ve made during our time in North Carolina. Our family, our friends and our church have all made our life here better than we could have ever imagined. They’ve invested in our little family and are the reason we love this place so much. I will truly miss this place and my people. Thank you all so very much; we love you!!!

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