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Cambridge is quickly becoming one of my favorite places to spend the day. It’s a short 20 minute drive from our house and has so much to see and do. Jason’s work schedule has been a bit insane since we got here and he’s only had a few days off here and there. Lots of twelve hour shifts and 7 day work weeks. He had an entire weekend without anything to do and decided he wanted to walk around Cambridge as I’vd been raving about it so much.

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The architecture is absolutely stunning and I can’t help myself from taking a million pictures. King’s College is probably one of my favorite places to photograph as the detail is astounding. There are always tons of people around – tourists, activists, street performers, you name it.

You can barely make us out in the foreground

You can barely make us out in the foreground


This particular day, we happened upon a live “bronze” statue. The man did not blink for about five minutes straight. I have no idea HOW he did this. The wind was blowing and it was absolutely freezing and he stayed completely still. We also saw a man playing Elvis hits inside a garbage can. I’ll give him points for creativity, I guess!

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The Diva is still rather finicky about when she wants to eat solids but we’ve found a restaurant where we’ve had decent luck. Pret offers delicious options and they’re all “real” foods – no artificial flavorings or ingredients. Everything we’ve tried has been a hit and it’s quickly becoming our go-to place when we need a quick bite to eat.


No trip to Cambridge is complete without browsing the market. Lena has become quite the independent lady these days and she really wanted to show Jason around. So off they went to explore the stalls while I took pictures and tried to keep my heart from exploding as I watched them hold hands. I’m not sure I could love these two any more.

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We sampled the Belgian waffles after drooling over other people’s plates. Just wow. These things melt in your mouth – we had ours topped with Belgian chocolate. Do not pass these up if you’re in Cambridge. You will regret it; they’re that good! Plus the vendors are super sweet and let you take pictures of them.

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Before heading home, we also bought some fresh bread, local cheese and a pound of candy – the essentials. None of them lasted very long so I think I need to make another run into town to replenish our stock!

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