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I love cardboard boxes. And now that I have a young’n, I have the perfect excuse to hoard large boxes and turn them into cars, forts, and whatever else I can think up.

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Lena’s stroller box was sitting in our living room the other day when inspiration struck. I decided it looked like a house and promptly got to work cutting, taping and drawing. Since Lena was with me, I had about five minutes before she lost interest in the project so we made a quick job of it.

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My mother-in-law, Cherry, had given me a bunch of left over ribbons and flowers from her son’s wedding. We used that for the curtains and the “daisy garden.” I also made a poof chandelier and taped some dollar store lights to the ceiling. I did a quick drawing of some portraits and a wonky table and chairs – Lena was “helping” at this point by crawling all over my back so it didn’t turn out to be the most beautiful design but that’s alright.

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Then I let the Bacon Bit draw on the inside wall. This was a very fun game until she started drawing all over herself and headed for the carpet. So we had to redirect and I got a semi-convincing fake cry out of that. Ultimately, she seemed to really like her new playhouse and we’ve had fun using it for all sorts of things.

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Isn’t it funny how kids seem to prefer the most inexpensive, basic objects as their favorite toys? Hours of fun are just a pot, a spoon and a cardboard box away.

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