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After being in the States the majority of the summer, the Sarge wanted to take a weekend vacation somewhere in England. Being 32+ weeks pregnant, I wasn't quite as mobile as usual so we decided to make the three hour drive north to Chester and spend a couple days walking around the city.


Hipp! Hipp! Hurra!

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The 17th of May is a big day for Norwegians as it marks the signing of the Norwegian constitution and thus their declaration to be an independent kingdom from Sweden. Growing up in Washington state, we rarely missed a Syttende Mai parade in the most Norwegian of all cities; Ballard. [...]


Wicken Fen

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We love visiting National Trust sites. Admission of this fact could qualify me as one of two things: I'm either becoming a proper Brit or I'm morphing into an 80-year-old version of myself. Either way, I'm fine with it because these places really do make for a nice day out. [...]


Click Mama Click Workshop

By | 2017-02-02T16:11:47+00:00 March 17th, 2014|Days Out|

I signed up for the Click Mama Click workshop hosted by two crazy talented photographers here in England - Amanda of Footsteps Photography and Jennifer of J Butterfield Photography.


Natural Science Museum London

By | 2017-02-10T17:02:35+00:00 January 20th, 2014|Days Out, Personal|

The Sarge had a few days off around New Year's so we decided to take advantage of that and pop up to London for a day at the Natural Science Museum. Many of the museums here in England offer free admission with the opportunity to make a donation when you leave. I think it's a great way to encourage families to get out and spend time together without it making them go broke.

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