Dinosaur Adventure Park – Lena’s 5th Birthday

By | 2017-09-13T13:55:18+00:00 September 13th, 2017|Party Hardy|

I've been meaning to blog Lena's 5th birthday for.... well, about a year now, seeing as she just turned six. Better late than never, right? You may recall that I have a slight obsession with birthday parties and an inability to keep things "casual." I stinking LOVE planning my kids' [...]


Aksel’s First Birthday

By | 2017-03-01T11:42:13+00:00 January 14th, 2016|Party Hardy|

My favorite little boy in the whole world turned one and I'm not even sure how it happened. I remember the first year of Lena's life went by at a snail's pace and this little guy seems to have just rushed through the past twelve months at lightning speed. I suspect the fact that I am actually getting some sleep has a lot to do with it. When you're awake for an entire year straight, it tends to feel a lot longer.


Estonian Baby Shower

By | 2017-02-10T17:48:12+00:00 January 7th, 2016|Party Hardy|

Lena was assigned to the world's most patient and clever teacher - Liia. We love Liia at our house. Lena has named nearly all her stuffed animals after her, I have bonded with her over our shared adventures in navigating Lena's quirks, and Aksel has even acknowledged her presence with a smile and giggle from time to time. This is a pretty big deal coming from my little introvert.


Lena’s 4th Birthday

By | 2017-02-10T17:48:20+00:00 December 11th, 2015|Party Hardy|

Our baby turned four. Not such a huge deal... except it is. Because in England, once you turn four, you graduate into full time school where you learn how to read and write and stick out your tongue and have a speaking part in the school play. So basically, Lena turned 14. [...]


Yellow and Grey Shower for Baby Number 2

By | 2017-02-10T17:48:25+00:00 October 17th, 2014|Party Hardy, Personal|

I would just like to publicly profess (for the millionth time) that I have the best friends and family around. Right before heading back to England, my cousin, Laila Eva, hosted a baby shower for me and it was just perfect. Since we don't know the gender of the bun in my belly, she used a grey and yellow color theme which I am now considering using all over my house as it was so pretty.


Maternity Photos

By | 2017-02-10T17:48:29+00:00 October 15th, 2014|Party Hardy, Personal|

Before I forget to post them, here are some maternity photos that my cousin, Laila Eva, took while I was home. I was about 22 weeks here so basically double the belly size

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