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I’ve lived in warm climates for the past six years; only seeing snow two or three times over that period. I’m not a huge fan of cold weather and would start complaining if the temperature dropped below 60 degrees. Additionally, I lived in houses that had American-sized appliances yet still found it difficult to cook as well as remember to take the clothes out of the dryer.

Obviously, moving to England has forced me to deal with all of the above but I’m happy to report that it hasn’t been a terrible adjustment. On Sunday, I was feeling generous and domestic, so I decided to get up early and make breakfast for everyone. It must have been all the delicious food I had eaten the day before because I was feeling inspired. So inspired, in fact, that I opened up a box of premixed pancake batter and got to work. Fancy, I know.


Growing up, it was a big treat to have Swedish pancakes for dinner. My mom allowed no junk food in the house – sugary cereals, chips, pop, basically anything processed – but somehow, Swedish pancakes passed the test. Come to think of it, we never ate American style pancakes. Anything Scandinavian, however, was placed on a pedestal. It used to drive me insane and I swore I would let my future kids eat “normal” things. Yet here I am, turning into my mother one organic breakfast bar at a time…

Anyway, I mixed all the ingredients (box mix and water – very involved) and got to work making the thin pieces of heaven also known as crepes. I have yet to figure out our gas range so some of the pancakes were a bit crispier than others. Additionally, I don’t have a clue how the oven works, what the buttons mean or how to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius. As a result, I sort of hover around the tiny box that is our cooking apparatus and try to not to let everything burn.


It’s just a little ironic that I’ve taken more of an interest in cooking and baking now that I have smaller and more confusing equipment to work with. Yet, somehow, all my recent attempts at cooking have turned out successful. For the record, I define success as not poisoning myself or my family and not burning down the house. Baby steps.

Part of the reason why it takes me twice as long to do everything. My little helper

Part of the reason why it takes me twice as long to do everything. My little helper

By the time I had made all the pancakes, I was pretty exhausted. It generally takes me at least twice the time to make meals as it would a normal functioning adult. So I asked Tor to take care of the eggs while Jason cut up some fruit. Tor makes a delicious omelette. He also likes to pose for pictures.

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Since our time in England has an expiration date, we brought a lot of our American appliances with us. The military provides all service members with a limited number of transformers so they can continue to use their American spec appliances. So this pretty blue box sits on our countertop taking up room. I’d move it when it wasn’t in use but it weighs about 30 pounds and I’m lazy. Just one of the random things about living overseas.


We also were given three separate trash bins – garbage, recycling and compost. It’s serious business and you can be put on notice if you don’t sort everything correctly. This is one of the things I quite like about living here. We have far less garbage than I thought now that we’re being conscientious about which bin to put it in. Check out The Sarge, getting his composting on. You go, girl!


Breakfast is served. The enthusiasm is palpable

Breakfast is served. The enthusiasm is palpable

The next day, it ended up snowing so I went out to take some photos while the Bacon Bit took a nap. As a general rule, I abhor snow but it was really beautiful and it meant Jason got to stay home from work so I was more than happy for it to continue. Tor was a good sport and braved the cold to shoot some pictures with me.

13 14

We live in such a beautiful part of England and I loved seeing how different it looked covered in white crystals. The grey skies and constant potential for rain hasn’t been that bad either, though. I’ve enjoyed my time in the sun but my Seattle roots are feeling at home again tromping through puddles and moss.

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