Curating The Present: The Hysterical Hearing Aid

**Part of my goal in photographing you and your family is to document the tiny details that make up the big, important memories and feelings. Usually, when we think about booking a photoshoot, we immediately start planning special outfits, locations, and poses. Our husbands might start running for the hills and our kids most definitely start whinging and kicking up. But it doesn’t have to be that way! What if you didn’t do anything out of the ordinary at all? What if you got pictures of your people exactly as they are at this stage in life? I’ll be sharing some of my most treasured memories in this blog series and hopefully helping you see just how special and beautiful your everyday life can be and why you want to preserve it.**

Beep! Beeeep! Beep!

Each time we said farewell to my Grandpa Robert, my brother and I would press our ears onto his, making his hearing aid whistle while we erupted with laughter. This goofy little tradition spanned the course of 30 years and, for us at least, never got old. My grandpa may not have agreed with that assessment but he still humored us nevertheless.

As I checked my Facebook today, a memory popped up from three years ago marking my grandpa’s passing. Underneath was a photo from the last time I saw him; my daughter perched tentatively on my lap while my grandpa did his usual quiet chuckle. Despite having several strokes, losing his ability to speak English and reverting back to Norwegian, my grandpa still had a wicked sense of humor. He was the ultimate smart aleck and it was safe to assume he was almost always mocking you in some way even if you didn’t realize it. I know for a fact he was relishing watching me attempt to wrangle a child at this moment after having dealt with my stubborn streak as a kid. Lena was barely two years old when this photo was taken so has no recollection of that visit. But when I showed her the photo, her eyes lit up and she excitedly asked if this was the grandpa whose ears used to beep. She is fascinated by the idea that I was once a kid and each night, begs me to tell her about when I was a little girl. img_3310 img_3318

While these photos aren’t likely to ever win any awards, they are absolutely precious to me and my daughter. They’re the only tangible proof I have now of the special relationship I had with my grandpa. And the same is true for Lena. This is why I’m so passionate about what I do and why I drive my own family crazy by constantly documenting our lives. You don’t get a redo; once it’s gone, it’s gone.


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