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My mom seems to bring strange weather with her more often than not when she comes to visit. She was in North Carolina for Lena’s birth and Hurricane Irene blew in with enough force to leave us without power for a day. It’s been snowing like crazy here in Suffolk and from what I’ve been told, this is pretty extreme weather for this part of England. Most of what we wanted to see and do involved being outside so we had to shorten things a bit and stay closer to home.


We decided to explore Cambridge for the day despite the 5 inches of snow on the ground and the fact that Jason had crashed our car on a small ice patch. We’re still waiting to see the damage that will cause to our bank account but the first estimate was for £660. Ouch.

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Cambridge has a daily market with local produce, freshly baked breads, teas and all types of gifts and trinkets. We picked up a loaf of Extra Virgin Olive Oil Ciabatta to eat with dinner and it was delicious. The Bacon Bit was not in the mood for her stroller so we let her roam the stalls for a bit. I’ve noticed a lot of people here use harnesses for their kids and I’m seriously contemplating getting one. It seems kind of awful, like you’re walking a dog, but there are so many people around that it’s nearly impossibly to chase a toddler. Let’s not judge, folks.


Behind the market are some absolutely beautiful buildings with incredible architecture. We managed to get a few pictures before we had to duck inside a store to warm up. For some reason, my mom went into beauty queen pose and decided to point her toe. I can’t stop laughing at it.

Check out fancy feet

Check out fancy feet


We found some great little shops and picked up a few souvenirs for my mom. I can pretty much guess what she’ll gravitate towards in any given store as she has distinct taste. Anything copper or pewter will catch her eye as well as kitchen-related items. I think we found nearly ever egg cup in East Anglia as well as most of the teapots for sale. My mom loves to bake, so a cookie tin was in order. I can’t remember the name of the shop but we found a great sale on a vintage looking tin decorated with “King Edward’s Biscuits.” I can still vividly remember the tins from my grandma’s house and the traditional Norwegian treats she had stored in her freezer. It’s fun to think of Lena doing the same at my parent’s house and telling her about where all the containers came from.

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After all her wandering, Lena was tired enough to sleep for a couple hours. So for the first time in a good year, I was able to actually go try on some clothes without being rushed. Most of the clothes I own are shamefully old (I had on shorts from middle school the other night) or no longer fit me as I’ve retired from fat girl status since having a baby. Who knew being 25 pounds overweight was the cause of muffin top! In celebration of weight loss and a napping toddler, my mom went a little crazy and bought me a ton of new clothes. I’m no longer ashamed to leave the house. Thanks mumsy!


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