D’ORO Grand Opening – Newmarket Vintage & Preloved Boutique

I have this friend called Naz and she is, hands down, the most fashionable and glamorous person I’ve ever met while also being completely genuine and approachable. Basically, she’s a human unicorn. We met at a baby group in Moulton and I may have gone slightly fan girl awkward because she was just so effortlessly cool. Also, her daughter was one of the most beautiful babies I’ve ever seen so the entire experience was visually intoxicating. Lest you think I’m completely superficial, I did also get to know this glamazon of a human and guess what? She’s even more beautiful on the inside!

If you’re lucky enough to spend any time with Nazbanoo, you will soon realize she is fiercely proud and attached to her family history. Persian by blood and Iranian born, she has incredible stories of life before war and terror gripped her birth country. There were extravagant parties full of aunts, uncles and cousins; beautiful gardens bursting with the scent of fruit trees and warm sunshine; laughter and life. Most of those people and places are only accessible now via photographs and I’ve been lucky enough to browse through them with Naz over tea and scones. As someone who is fascinated by the visual histories we leave behind, it was basically my perfect afternoon!

Clearly, I’m a fan. Naz and I joke about being members of the Mutual Admiration Society of Each Other – isn’t it a lovely thing to have friends who are constantly cheering you on in life? When my favorite Persian announced she was partnering with Ben Christensen to open a new shop, I could not WAIT to see what they’d been up to. Knowing Naz, I expected it would be chic, fashionable, and gorgeous but OH. MY. GOSH. It was absolutely stunning and beyond anything I could have expected.

Introducing: D’ORO – For the Love of Fashion

The Newmarket boutique offers vintage and preloved designer and high end pieces. Additionally, Naz and Ben are available for styling and consignment services. I can personally vouch for their taste as my very clever husband made a secret trip to D’ORO for our anniversary. Naz helped him select a beautiful pair of Anthropologie earrings in hammered silver and bronze (the eight year anniversary theme is bronze – nice touch there, you two!) plus a white and black Links of London bracelet set. It was absolutely perfect and I haven’t taken them off since opening the bag!

A massive congratulations to Naz and Ben on the opening of your boutique. I’m so glad I was able to be there for the Grand Opening and celebrate all your hard work. The entire experience was brilliant; just like the two of you! If you’re in need of a special gift or just fancy treating yourself, pop in to D’ORO and say hi to these beautiful faces for me. Happy shopping!

D’ORO – For the Love of Fashion

3a Rous Road Newmarket CB8 8DH

01638 661666

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  1. Laila hansen April 24, 2018 at 2:56 pm - Reply

    I wait to visit your shop in September!

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