Easter 2014

Easter was quiet this year as we’d just returned from a trip to the States a few days prior and had serious jet lag. We woke Lena up with a pair of bunny ears and a pink basket and told her that there were eggs all over the house. She looked at us like we were nuts but once she saw the first egg, she was into it. This was her first year really grasping the concept of an Easter egg hunt and it was hilarious to listen to her excited squeals of joy with each egg she found.

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I think the Easter bunny left close to 50 eggs in total and they were filled with an assortment of coins, single pieces of candy and a couple bites of cereal. Wanting to avoid a sugar meltdown similar to the epic sugar cookie incident of Christmas 2013, we decided that money for the piggy bank would be a much more exciting surprise than tears and tantrums. And since Lena isn’t accustomed to eating loads of sweets, she was more than happy with her 15 tiny candy pieces and handful of cereal. And I was glad not to have a bunch of candy in the house because I know I would have just eaten it myself.

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After a quick breakfast, we walked to the village church to hear the Easter story and do another small Easter egg hunt. We even had a special bunny basket thanks to GeeGee and Mimi that Lena was quite proud of.

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Since we walk to the church for different classes throughout the week, we always have to stop and see if the horses are out for their morning exercise. We lucked out and got to show Daddy our equestrian pals since he’s usually at work while we’re out and about.


Just like at Christmas, the Easter program was short and sweet and geared towards the little ones. Lena walked right up to the front all by herself and plopped down to listen about how Jesus died for us and rose again. As usual, it made me want to cry because she looked so grown up and I pictured her at preschool which will be here in a few short months. Then it was outside to hunt for eggs. Our little munchkin didn’t quite grasp the concept off the bat and spent the first half of her time picking up the paper eggs and throwing them in the air. We finally got her to understand that she needed to keep one egg and turn it in for a piece of chocolate.

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Once she realized there was chocolate involved, it was as if the heavens had opened and shined down upon her. This kid loves chocolate – she is obviously related to my mom because her need for “co-kwat” is insatiable. Just look at the joy and anticipation on her face.

IMG_9239 IMG_9240 IMG_9242 IMG_9246

We picked up a few more eggs then headed back home for lunch and a quiet family day.

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