Estonian Baby Shower

Sending your baby to school can be a bit traumatic especially when said child is extremely stubborn, regularly refuses to eat, and is adamant about not using the toilet for up to 12 hours at a time. Luckily, Lena was assigned to the world’s most patient and clever teacher – Liia. We love Liia at our house. Lena has named nearly all her stuffed animals after her, I have bonded with her over our shared adventures in navigating Lena’s quirks, and Aksel has even acknowledged her presence with a smile and giggle from time to time. This is a pretty big deal coming from my little introvert.


Liia was pregnant with her first baby and since she hails from Estonia, it’s just her and her husband here in England. I asked if I could host a baby shower for her and she happily agreed. In case you’ve never heard of Estonia, it’s near Finland. For non-Scandinavians, this could still leave you confused so I suppose you could technically say it’s near Russia but you didn’t hear that from me. I’ve been told this is a faux pas when explaining Estonia’s geographic location.

Wanting to bring some Estonian flair to the party, I got to work looking up Estonian traditions. Imagine my surprise when I read that it’s considered bad luck to celebrate or gift anything before the baby is born. Oops. Apparently baby showers are only just gaining popularity in England as well so I was just all sorts of out of place with this idea. Luckily, I’m okay with that so I just went ahead. You can’t grow up wearing folk costumes, going to band camp, and having a strange name without gaining some thick skin. Thanks, parents!

liia baby shower invite

Liia’s only request was nothing too girly which was fine by me. I came up with a simple invite and then got to work planning the games and decorations.


I apparently forgot that hosting a party means providing refreshments and had a minor moment of panic over this. Thankfully, my ever-reliable neighbor, Ellie, came to the rescue and basically saved the entire baby shower. You can safely assume that anything in these pictures that required prep work came from her. I was pretty proud of my cheese and meat selection until I remembered that pregnant ladies are meant to shy away from those things. I’m so smooth.


So we ate, we laughed, and we told horror stories about why you should never look in a full body mirror after giving birth. Lena and Evie were the self-designated assistants for the entire party and took their job very seriously. I think they were expecting Liia to actually have the baby at the shower and were confused as to why Baby H wasn’t there yet. I did offer my birthing suite to Liia in case she needed it – also known as the upstairs tub. Oddly, she declined my offer.


So perhaps it wasn’t the most traditional Estonian shower (since that doesn’t actually exist) but I think Liia enjoyed herself nonetheless!



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