First date

I had my first official mommy date yesterday and it was perfectly imperfect.

I’m not very outgoing when it comes to making new friends so this was a big deal for me. Our music pastor at church mentioned his wife went to MOPS meetings so the next time I ran into her, I asked when they were and committed to going. We met up, had a great time and she asked me on a date. Or that’s what it felt like at least. Making new friends as an adult is so funny! We decided to go to the city and hit up Trader Joes and Whole Foods with our two kiddos. Awesome.

Leigh Ann offered to drive so she pulled up around 10:30am and I had the Sarge install the car seat. Had I attempted to do that on my own, the date would probably have been over even before it started. As they say in the South, car seats make me “lose my Jesus.” It’s not pretty. In the midst of the car seat installation, one of our dogs got out and decided to take a tour of the neighborhood. So I proceeded to run around the block clapping and yelling out “MILO!” for a good 10 minutes. Eventually he came home and I let the Sarge do discipline so as not to totally freak out my new friend.

First date – Landon & Lena Eva

The kids were strapped up and ready to go so we headed out. The girl talk was awesome and I quickly discovered my new buddy was a smartie pants when it comes to pets and nutrition – two things I am interested in. We opted for a quick stop at the mall before groceries because …. well, do I really need to explain? Lena Eva was hungry by that time so I pulled out the boob and fed her in the parking lot. On a side note, breastfeeding in a public restroom makes me crave a shower with an S.O.S. pad. Yuck. My little milk guzzler seemed satisfied so we got the kids in their carriers and car seats along with the 50 pounds of other luggage they required. Leigh Ann went to roll up the windows and the car gave us the clicking sound of death. Dang. We decided to just leave it while we went inside and maybe it would magically start once we were done.

The car wouldn’t start so the sweet little valet boy took pity on us and helped us jump the battery. I’m pretty sure the only other person on earth who could garner more sympathy in this situation would be a pregnant woman. We were stranded an hour from home with a 2 month old and a 10 month old. Winners! The car started so we headed towards Trader Joes. We ended up buying a new battery in addition to lots of delicious food as well as doing another parking lot feeding and diaper change. Leigh Ann also introduced me to dark chocolate truffles which may have been a disastrous decision. I’m half tempted to make that hour drive right now just to quench my craving. Holy melt in your mouth goodness!

We finally made it to our last stop at 4pm and it seemed like it was going to be a quick in and out. The kids had done awesome all day and she just needed a few things. Right before going in, we chowed down on some Trader Joes sushi and I managed to spill soy sauce all over my jeans. I then opened a bottle of water and accidentally spilled in my crotch so it looked like I peed myself. I’m sure my new friend was super impressed with me. Lena Eva started squirming as we were in the check out line so I pulled her out of her sling to play with her. I happened to look down and notice poop on my shirt – so neat. It was up her back and through two layers of clothes – of course. Landon had pooped as well so we headed out for our final parking lot diaper change. We had diapers on the ground, wipes everywhere and all doors of the car open to help air things out. Finally, both little stinkers were cleaned up and ready to head home.

Post diaper blowout

All in all, it was a fun and exhausting day. I made a great new friend, discovered some delicious new foods and only got pooped on once. I think I need to talk to my daughter though. This was her first official date and she ended up getting naked. I guess I don’t have to be too concerned yet because she also pooped her pants. From what I hear, guys aren’t too impressed by that!

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