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One of my favorite things to do when my mom visits is put her to work spend time working on a project together. I really wanted to add giant pots of flowers to the front and back of our house, but my gardening knowledge is on par with my cooking ability. In other words, I got nothing. Big L, however, boasts some pretty major botanical skills so I knew she would be able to show me the ropes.

IMG_3808 IMG_3809IMG_3797

I think Jason was rightly nervous when I told him we were going to pick up a few things at the local nursery. My mom and I can do some damage when it comes to shopping. However, I think for what we got, I actually didn’t spend an outrageous amount of money and while they say money can’t buy happiness, these newly purchased plants are making me think otherwise.

IMG_3810 IMG_3815IMG_3817 IMG_3807 IMG_3820 IMG_3818IMG_3806

After enduring a very long garden tour, Lena was ready to get down to business. She donned her wellies, found some gloves and got to work potting some lavender while also spreading soil everywhere. Good thing I purchased a broom.

IMG_3800 IMG_3802 IMG_3804

Aksel was sleepy so he hung out in the doorway and took it all in. The kid loves to be outside and if I time it right and get him to sleep while we’re on a walk, he will happily snooze away on the front porch for up to three hours. It’s glorious.


After some heavy lifting and lots of watering, my little garden was finally starting to take shape. And since Lena is still enamored with all animals, she insisted we have this little hedgehog at the front door. She chats with him every time we leave the house and fills him in on her day at preschool. We also added “Daddy Bunny” a few weeks later, much to her delight.

IMG_3811 IMG_0493 IMG_0494 IMG_0495 IMG_0496 IMG_0497

And keeping with the theme of flowers, we visited Abbey Gardens in Bury St. Edmunds as my mom had never seen them in full bloom. We were on the hunt for some animal skins at the market but stopped for a few photos first. Lena was being uncooperative hence the tongue and cheeky smile.

IMG_3821  IMG_3829IMG_3824

Between the flower-adorned patio and two kids constantly in tow, I think I can actually pass as a functioning adult. Let’s just hope I can manage to keep all these things alive!

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