I Brought My Six Year Old To A Tattoo Shop

For the past several weeks, my mini-me has been asking to get her ears pierced. She’s a persistent little thing and usually doesn’t ask for something unless she’s really thought it through. I wanted to make sure she knew exactly what to expect, so we talked through the ENTIRE process including watching videos of other children getting their ears pierced. I’m a big believer in being open and honest with my kiddos so when a new topic arises in our house, we usually dive in with gusto (apologies to any of Lena’s classmates for her excessive talk about umbilical cords and amniotic fluid). I explained that the ear piercing process would be a little painful, require her to let someone poke a hole in her skin, and then stay tender for several days afterwards. She thought it over for about a week, asked a TON of questions, and finally told me she was sure she wanted to do it. And then requested I make an appointment approximately five times a day because she is relentless!

The day finally arrived and Lena couldn’t physically hold still; she was so excited. She could hardly contain herself, saying she was a bit nervous but still wanted to go through with it. So off we went to visit Almost Angels Tattoo Family in Ely. The shop had come highly recommended by a number of other parents, and when I called to make the appointment, I was completely sold. Being a tattoo shop, I had explained to Lena there would be lots of noise and guns and people getting tattoos when she went in for her ears. But instead, Almost Angels had dedicated an entire day to piercing – meaning there would be no tattoos happening so as to make any visiting children feel more at ease. I thought it was absolutely brilliant and was so impressed they had thought to set it up that way.

When we arrived, we met Leah; the piercer so many people had raved about. She was so kind and friendly (not to mention very pretty!), which put Lena at ease. She showed us a selection of earrings to choose from and was very patient as Lena weighed her options. This involved discussing every.single.color and why she may or may not want that one. Bless. Ultimately, she picked an iridescent stud with gold casing because it had all the colors in one. Leah explained the two options for piercing – using a gun or using a needle. The needle is the preferred method as it pokes a hole in the skin and therefore heals faster. But with children, she said the gun was a much quicker option as they’re not always able to sit completely still and since it was an earlobe piercing rather than cartilage, it wasn’t quite so imperative.

And with that, Lena was ready to go. She hopped into the chair; cautiously watching as Leah prepped and sanitized everything. We did a quick check of the spots Leah marked for where the earrings would go and then it was time to place the earrings in.

After the initial lobe was done, I could tell my little chick was not loving the pain. She got a very serious and determined face but didn’t ask to stop. Leah was super quick to do the next lobe as Lena clenched her teeth and got on with it. It was like watching myself at six years old – determined to be tough no matter what. I know I’m biased but Lena really is a cool little kid. I love that she *knows* she’s strong and brave and believes it to her core.

As soon as the second lobe was pierced, Leah rolled out a big mirror and Lena was all smiles. I could tell she was proud of herself and feeling very fancy and grown up. And I’m fairly certain her sassiness expanded exponentially at that moment (Lord help me).

We went over all the aftercare instructions, posed for a quick photo and then said our thank you’s. And because I like to celebrate everything with food, we went for a yummy lunch at Wildwood. 

If you have a little one wanting their ears pierced, go see Leah at Almost Angels! She was SO amazing with Lena, answered all my questions, and was really quick and efficient. I liked that her job is a piercer so she has loads of training and experience not to mention the shop was immaculately clean and easy to find. It was such a great experience and a really special day for my sweet girl. On the way home, she informed me she’d been waiting her whole life for this day haha!

In addition to finding my little lady gazing into the mirror at random, I’m also being grilled about the color of her earrings. I made the mistake of mentioning that the iridescent studs changed colors depending on how she turned, so Lena now asks me every couple hours what color they are. And I have to answer separately for each side because it’s a very important question. It’s definitely worth it for this giant smile and the fun memory we made on the first day of school holidays.

To see more of Leah’s work and all the gorgeous tattoo work they do, check out Almost Angels on Facebook.


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