Ireland: Kinsale And Cork

After enjoying some of the most beautiful views ever, we wandered down the street from Charles Fort to have lunch at The Bulman Bar and Restaurant. Jason was dying for some seafood and TripAdvisor rated The Bulman as one of the top spots for fresh fish. We were a bit early so we took advantage of the extra time and had a wander around the beachfront below the pub. IMG_2250IMG_2246Lena was totally in her element, finding all sorts of snails, shells, and seaglass. She is really enamored with rocks at the moment so we told her to find a few favorite pieces of seaglass to keep as a souvenir from the trip. And then I congratulated myself on another genius parenting move because rocks are free.IMG_2248IMG_2245By the time the restaurant opened, there was a fairly large crowd outside which was a good sign that we were in for a treat. Jason was drooling just looking at the menu and ended up ordering half the ocean with a side of lemon. I think he ended up getting half a dozen oysters and 40 mussels. I decided to go way outside of my comfort zone and jump on the seafood wagon with an order of lobster. You will rarely find me eating seafood as I had a near death experience seven years ago involving seaweed salad and eel sushi. Basically, I got such a violent case of food poisoning that I actually pooped my pants. Also, Jason and I had just started dating (like maybe a couple weeks in) and he was the one to clean up the aforementioned mess. I still don’t know how we ended up married after that incident. Anyway, back to my main point, this seafood was delicious and didn’t cause me to lose bowel control so all in all, it was a delicious and memorable meal.IMG_2260IMG_2261Full up of fish oil and local brew, we did a quick tour of Kinsale. The rainbow-colored buildings were incredibly charming and the shops were full of great local wares.IMG_6522IMG_6523IMG_6524IMG_6527IMG_6528IMG_6529We almost bought a small painting as a memento of our trip but just couldn’t decide which one we liked best. So instead, we stocked up on pounds of sweets and artisan chocolate. Because that seemed like a solid second choice. IMG_6533IMG_6530IMG_6531IMG_6532IMG_6535IMG_6536IMG_6537Our last bucket list item for our Ireland trip was to hear some live music. So on our last night in Cork, we bundled up the kids and headed to The Olive Plunkett. It was a bit touristy but the music was really good and Lena basically lost her mind over the dancer. She looked like a Celtic Princess Elsa and treated us to a live Riverdance performance while we ate fish and chips. Not a bad way to end the day. IMG_2208IMG_2210The bar also had this leprechaun photo booth which is still making me giggle hysterically.IMG_2212The last night of our trip was spent in Dublin again as we had an early ferry departure. Luckily, the kids sleep like logs once they’re out so they woke up the next day looking like little angels. I could eat them. Jason, however, was not feeling quite so angelic as he had spent the entire night puking in the bathroom. I was a bit concerned how he was going to survive the two hour ferry ride on top of a four hour drive home in such a state. I think I would have cried like a baby and begged him to throw me overboard if the tables were turned. No time for that, though, as thirty minutes into the boat trip, Lena emptied the content of her stomach everywhere. Needless to say, it was a memorable trip from start to finish!IMG_6538IMG_6543

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