Ireland: Powerscourt Estate And Gardens

On our way to Waterford, we decided to make a stop at Powerscourt Estate on the recommendation of a friend. The weather made us think we should be driving a boat rather than our car but luckily, we had packed raingear. A massive thank you to my cousin, Liv, for introducing me to this genius invention long before having kids. If you live in a place that rains, do yourself a favor and buy these. You can find great deals on Amazon and if you have a Prime membership, shipping is free (that’s your pro tip for the day)!IMG_6307Given the torrential rain, there was hardly anyone out and about which meant we got the entire estate and gardens to ourself. I think this may have been a once in a lifetime deal as everything online suggested booking advance tickets for this popular destination.IMG_6259The estate looks out onto the Sugar Loaf Mountain and thanks to the low lying clouds, there was a gorgeous blanket of fog in the distance. I was in photography heaven with all the gorgeous greenery and textured sculptures. Meanwhile, Lena was in heaven because she had this map and was bossing us around.IMG_6261IMG_6260We decided to do a quick loop as we still had a few hours of car travel ahead of us. I’m sure we could have spent an entire day here and not run out of things to see. This tower caused some major excitement as Lena informed us it was where “Mispunzel” lived. Unfortunately, we didn’t find a princess at the top but we were greeted with more beautiful views.IMG_6262IMG_6268IMG_6269IMG_6276IMG_6263And lest you think our family vacations are all princesses and magic, Lena had a massive meltdown when we tried to leave the tower. Luckily, sitting on a canon seemed to cheer her up along with this creepy worm. She insisted on the photo and then wanted to check and make sure I had taken it to her satisfaction. I don’t know where she gets this behavior.IMG_6279IMG_6277IMG_6280I am a sucker for symmetrical design so the Italianate Terraces had me giddy. You can see the stone inlay with the year 1875. This is a relatively new build by UK standards and was very ornate. It took over 12 years to build these terraces and the architect was apparently a bit eccentric; directing the design from a wheelbarrow while nursing a bottle of sherry.IMG_6283IMG_6282I’m not sure the architect planned on people throwing coins into his work but Lena was very insistent that she needed to make a wish at this particular spot. Initially, Jason couldn’t find any small coins so he told Lena she would need to wait as we didn’t really want to toss upwards of $3 into the abyss. But then she pulled out the puppy dog eyes and totally suckered him. The after picture here kills me because Lena is totally gloating while I judge Jason with my eyes. He stands no chance with this little girl. And nevermind me holding that coin for Aksel because that’s totally different…IMG_6287IMG_6289Could you deny a baby in a frogsuit? If so, you have no heart.IMG_6294IMG_6297IMG_6301This is Triton Lake and I wish I could live here. The variation in colors and textures of the foliage were unreal. It was just one beautiful picture after another.IMG_6303IMG_6304IMG_6305Knowing we had a long drive ahead of us, we wanted to let Aksel crawl around a bit so we headed up toward the walled garden. Little did we realize just how long of a day we had left but I’ll fill you in on that special story in my next post. Lena had been begging to take pictures so I finally let her try out my Canon. Considering the camera is about a quarter of her weight, she got some decent shots and even managed to keep them fairly straight. I love the close up of Aksel as it’s a fun little peek into how she sees her brother.IMG_6331IMG_6308IMG_6324IMG_6327As expected, the gardens were full of color and impeccably designed. Lena tried to sniff everything while Aksel was living large riding on his Daddy’s shoulders.IMG_6322IMG_6314IMG_6319IMG_6321IMG_6313IMG_6316Despite the rain, this was one of the highlights of our trip as everything was so incredibly stunning. And being able to tour the grounds in solitude was pretty special! After a quick perusal of the gift shop, we loaded up the car with our soggy kids and headed out for Powerscourt Waterfall. Photo overload to come!IMG_6318IMG_6315IMG_6310IMG_6335 aa


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