Ireland: Powerscourt Waterfall

Powerscourt Waterfall is just a short drive from the estate and definitely worth the trip. There’s a small entrance fee before you drive through the forest and are ultimately greeted with this view.IMG_6336IMG_6350Thankfully, there was a small kiosk with toilets because apparently the sight of a waterfall suddenly made everyone have the urge to tinkle. Luckily, Lena informed us of this before we put on her rainsuit.IMG_6341IMG_6339IMG_6342The massive amount of rain meant the waterfall was gushing and there was a low fog in the air. We also timed this trip just right as the fall colors were on full display. I’ll try to restrain myself from sharing every photo I took. Everywhere you looked, there was something to photograph. It was just gorgeous.IMG_6340IMG_6343IMG_6345IMG_6354Luckily, Jason is very supportive of my photography addiction, so he took the kids for a stroll while I ran around like maniac; snapping pictures left and right. I even had some fun playing around with long exposures in order to get that nice, whispy water effect. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my tripod with me so I was a bit limited.IMG_6351IMG_6371IMG_6373Aksel was totally in his element and would have gladly stayed out here the entire day. He definitely ate some grass and dirt and would have eaten this stick if only he had teeth.IMG_6349IMG_6391IMG_6376Speaking of sticks, here is Lena holding a troll hunting stick. If you were looking for a way to scar your children for life, you’ve come to the right place. As a child, I was subjected to troll trauma thanks to my mom and her Norwegian folklore (get the full story here). Not wanting to make the same mistake with my daughter, I’ve been careful to tell Lena how trolls can be nice and just want to hide from us. Every time she takes a shower, she pretends to be Fossegrimen, the waterfall troll, and it’s all fun and games. So when we pulled up to Powerscourt, we asked if she thought Fossegrimen might be here. It was all very fun and innocent and off I went to fill my SD card with photos.IMG_6369Satisfied with my landscape photographs, I wanted to try for a group shot. That was when Jason informed me our daughter refused to get out of the car because she was petrified Fossegrimen was going to get her. And that, my friends, is when it all came full circle and I realized I truly have become my mother. Luckily, having been through this same trauma as a child, I knew the solution: a troll hunting stick. It was slightly bent and had just the right amount of moss on it. In case you didn’t know, that’s a vital element on a proper troll hunting stick. What I lack in judgment I made up for in storytelling as we finally got Lena out of the car, stick gripped firmly in her little fist.IMG_6398Back to those group shots, I was hoping we could get at least one decent picture to use for our Christmas card. Between me nearly dropping two children and Aksel attempting to eat the troll stick, it was slim pickings.IMG_6396IMG_6382IMG_6393IMG_6386IMG_6381We still had a two hour drive to our hotel for the night so we stopped for a quick lunch and headed towards Waterford. Spoiler alert: the two hour drive turned into a five hour drive thanks to operator error with our new GPS. Luckily, our new car is comfy to ride in as we spent some real quality time in it this day. I’ll give you the full scoop on that in my next post as I’m still processing that nightmare.IMG_6395

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