It’s Fair Time, Baby!

Growing up in Washington state, September meant one thing: The Puyallup Fair. We would get our free tickets from school and a whole day would be dedicated to gorging ourselves on delicious scones, wasting a ton of money on games and rides and basking in the smell of manure. For those who haven’t been, the Puyallup Fair isn’t your average county fair. My dad would joke that I’d been to the Puyallup Fair so I didn’t even need to see Disneyland. Not quite accurate but it’s pretty large nevertheless.

You can do it at a trot, you can do it at a gallop...

Before he passed away, my grandpa would always make a special trip with my brother and me. I distinctly remember one particular trip where he paid extra for us to ride an elephant. In my mind, this experience was awesome and I basically was touring India on my own personal pachyderm. In reality, we probably walked in a circle of dust and depression for a total of 30 seconds. After my exotic adventure, I was hungry. So my grandpa bought us some fair treats. Being the fat kid that I am, I devoured my food almost without breathing. He then asked if I enjoyed my elephant ear and lead me to believe it was off the animal I had just been riding. Childhood trauma #475

Now that I’m a mom, I get to pass along these fun traditions to my kiddo (traumas included). The Bacon Bit isn’t quite old enough to know what’s truly going on but we figured she’d at least enjoy looking at all the colors, carnies, and crazies at the Wayne Regional Agricultural Fair. I had never been but my dear friend “Meow” is a fair enthusiast. She loves it so much she’s even willing to risk her life and get on the rides. What she lacks in common sense she makes up for with enthusiasm. I love her.

Here’s a little photo recap of our adventures:

We love our church. They are having a service and free breakfast for all the fair workers. And they handed out free balloons which was a huge hit with the Bacon Bit

There was an obnoxious clown yelling at us in this photo. According to Meow, he’s been there for years. I wanted to punch him in the throat; everyone else thought he was funny. Everyone else is crazy.

The Sarge wanted to take these guys home. The Bacon Bit wanted to lick their cage.

More walking. This picture makes me simultaneously happy and sad. I’m not sure how I’m supposed to leave this chick. Move to England with us; your fairy god-daughter needs you!

This guy was very excited to show us how his horse could drink Mt. Dew. I wish he was smiling; he didn’t have many teeth and he was so jolly. It was awesome.

Here, we see a gypsy in her natural habitat. Surrounded by trinkets and glitz.

One more walking photo because I just can’t get enough. Note the sign for Elephant Ears in the background. It all comes full circle!

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