Jet lag, Protein And Arthritis

We got to celebrate Lena’s second birthday a little early as my mom came to visit at the end of July. As is customary, she arrived with an entire suitcase full of gifts. My mom has impeccable and expensive taste so any time she tells me she’s bought something for us, I know we’ll love it. Jason now has a full week’s worth of Nike shirts and shorts; I’m ready for the gym with new shoes, sports bras and shorts, and Lena will be getting a new armoire soon as I’ve completely run out of room for all her new threads. The Big L was most excited about the black cowboy boots she’d bought in Montana so we had to have Lena play model for us. My mom had even bought a little bandana – I’m thinking there’s a cowgirl Halloween outfit in our future.

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The weather was beautiful so we thought it would be nice to let Lena play at the paddling pond for a bit. We’ve had an unusually warm summer here which is a real treat after the freezing cold temperatures of winter. Last time my mom visited, we could barely go outside so this was a nice change.

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Anytime my mom comes to visit, there are a few things that I can ALWAYS count on: she will suffer severe jet lag, she will claim not to be picky about what she eats (ha), and the temperature inside and out will bother her arthritis. Sorry Mama, you know it’s true! I try to anticipate these things and don’t plan much for the first few days of her visits since I know she’ll be a walking zombie. I also make sure to stock up the fridge with cheese, salami and cucumbers – she pretty much lives off these items. Unfortunately, I can’t do much about the weather but we don’t have air conditioning here so at least she won’t complain of “turning to stone” inside the house. Ah, arthritis, you’re such a treat.

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I figured we could pick up some fresh produce at the Saturday Market so we headed to Bury to browse the stalls. Asparagus, raspberries and cheese all made it into our bag, among other things. After a bit of walking, Big L and Little L were starting to get cranky and tired so we decided to head home. I snapped a picture of the sleeping beauties and my mom threatened to kill me if I posted it on the internet. Obviously, I am very scared of her threats.


The next day, we drove to Gorleston-On-Sea since the weather was supposed to be nice. Upon arrival, we quickly realized we’d been fooled. It was windy and overcast with no signs of warming up. Since we’d driven over an hour to get there, we were determined to enjoy ourselves. Unfortunately, we had dressed for the beach so we were all in shorts and t-shirts. Luckily, my mom had brought a light jacket but it just wasn’t enough to keep her warm. So we basically built a shelter for her and then I wrapped her up like an infant in a makeshift towel swaddle. It was about 60 degrees – not quite freezing though the sight of my “mummy” could have fooled me.

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This is particularly ironic because my mom’s mom was always freezing and it would drive her crazy. I swear you could go to my Grandma Eva’s house in the middle of summer and she’d have the heat blasting while wearing multiple layers of clothing. Laila… take a look into your future. Rather than torture Granny, we ate our lunches then packed up and headed home hopeful that our next adventure would be a bit more successful.

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