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Imagine finding out you are pregnant, going to work and being made redundant all in the same day. That will certainly lead to some emotional highs and lows! This was the exact scenario Kirsty Lofts found herself in and now, nearly two years on, she is the very talented and successful owner of Kirsty Bakes of Soham. I could gush for days about this creative genius but I’m confident these photos will speak for themselves.

I met Kirsty a few years back when our daughters attended Newmarket School of Dance. She is one of those people who looks effortlessly perfect at all times while also being genuinely kind to everyone she meets. Truly, anyone who meets her is better for it. I was also mesmerized by the intricate braids and buns she created in her daughter’s gorgeous blonde hair and this was my first clue that there was a very creative side to this mom of three.

Yes, you read that right. Not only does Kirsty manage to run her own business, she is also a doting mama to three beautiful children while also teaching Infant Massage classes in the Ely area. Hello, supermom! With her handmade cakes continuing to gain popularity, Kirsty was interested in some photos she could share on her marketing and social media outlets. So we scheduled a small business documentary session and I am in love with what we created.

Each cake takes several hours and a couple days to complete as they must be done in stages. Once the cakes have cooled out of the oven, they are carefully frosted to perfection in order to create a smooth canvas for the fondant. Kirsty polished every last crumb so immaculately that I think she could have called the cake done at this point but I have zero culinary skills, so what do I know?!

Once the crumb layer was finished, it was time to roll out the fondant and then carefully lay it on top of the cake. Had I been attempting this task, swear words would have been uttered and it likely would have turned out a lumpy mess. And that’s precisely why I hire Kirsty to do all our celebration cakes! Once the fondant was bump-free and the excess removed, ribbon was applied to the base of the board. I love the attention to detail in Kirsty’s cakes – you can always bet she will have finished it to the highest standard.

This particular cake was for a baby shower with a nod to Winnie the Pooh. The mom-to-be had nicknamed her baby “Roo” like Kanga and Roo of A.A. Milne fame. Kirsty used a combination of painting, food markers and color washing to create this charcoal drawing effect. I was absolutely blown away by the finished product particularly as it was all done freehand.

The final touch was the fondant Kanga and Baby Roo placed on top of the cake next to a lovely, handwritten quote. The bottom tier was chocolate while the top was lemon and having tasted several of Kirsty’s creations, I have no doubt this cake went down a treat! Not only are they beautiful works of art, they are some of the most delectable cakes money can buy. I can personally vouch for her Victoria Sponge and Salted Caramel recipes – and now my mouth is watering!

I wondered how Kirsty managed to juggle school run, activities, and life in general on top of making these incredible delicacies. Her secret? She does most of her work after the children go to bed; sometimes staying up until 2am to finish a cake! I think this is the Big Secret of self-employed moms and I find it pretty amazing. Keeping up with little ones can be exhausting as they have a LOT of needs and it’s easy to lose yourself in the diaper changes, sandwich making and tantrum calming. So when I see other moms find their “thing” and go for it, I get this crazy urge to give them a standing ovation and shout to everyone about how awesome they are. It’s so important to have something that’s just yours – whether that be photography, baking, or even just meeting friends for a weekly coffee date. It fills up our tanks which means we can pour out more of ourselves.

So what is your “thing” that energizes you and sparks your creativity? And what prompted you to finally go for it – pregnancy, a change in job, or just timing? I’d love to hear about it or even better, schedule your own small business documentary session! And if you’re like many of us who feel uncomfortable in front of the camera, here’s what Kirsty thought of the experience:

I am not keen on having my photo taken and wanted the photos to look natural and not posed. Tove certainly managed this. The photos were so much more than I could have hoped for. Not knowing exactly when you are being photographed makes the session so much more relaxed. No false smiles. Just natural interactions and capturing everything as it happens. Just book Tove right now. You won’t be disappointed.

To schedule your session, send me a note via my Connect page. I can’t wait to chat!

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