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I wouldn’t exactly call myself savvy when it comes to farming and livestock. There was no 4H at my high school and my interaction with animals was limited to the petting zoos at the Puyallup Fair. I did have a cat once and it was called Tiggy. He liked to gift us with dead animals on the doorstep and I thought he was the most clever cat in the world. However, I got chicken pox, was housebound for several days, and upon recovering, Tiggy was nowhere to be found. My parents told me he ran away during my love affair with Calamine lotion because I failed to feed him. Years later, I’ve realized this story doesn’t add up and I suspect Tiggy was the victim of a reverse catnapping. As in, my parents dropped him off on the other side of town and left him to eat dead birds. Thanks, guys.

Anyway, back to my ignorance about animals. We visited Church Farm in Stow Bardolph which is home to all sorts of rare breeds.¬†Without the aid of the website and posted signage, I would have no idea¬†I was looking at anything out of the ordinary. I also finally just realized that lambs are born at a particular time of year after living in England for nearly three years. There are sheep everywhere here and lots of festivals celebrating the lambs’ arrivals so you’d think I would have caught on a bit sooner. But no. I am a slow learner.

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We met up with some friends, let the kids run wild in the play area, and had some delicious tea and cakes. I can easily be a hermit inside my house for days on end but if you tell me I can have a generous slice of Victoria Sponge, chances are good I will at least brush my hair and venture out of my cave for an hour. Lena’s kryptonite is any type of animals so this place was a big hit for the whole fam.

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All the animals were really beautiful but I have to say, the little black lambs were my favorite. Lena was in love with the two calves – Sven and Olaf – while Aksel just looked around suspiciously as his big sister bossed Jason around like a mini dictator. Definitely a fun day even if you don’t have a clue what you’re looking at!

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