Lena’s 4th Birthday

Our baby turned four. Not such a huge deal… except it is. Because in England, once you turn four, you graduate into full time school where you learn how to read and write and stick out your tongue and have a speaking part in the school play. So basically, Lena turned 14.

When you’re (1)4, you have very specific thoughts on the type of birthday you would like and who you’d like to spend it with. Lena and her best buddy, Evie, have birthdays just two weeks apart so we decided to throw a joint party. Evie is obsessed with all things princess while Lena was all about superheroes. And so, I found myself planning a Princess and Superhero party with my dear friend, Ellie (Evie’s mom).


The morning of the party, Ellie’s husband, Shawn, brought the girls each a bouquet of flowers and gifted them matching friendship necklaces. Ellie was so thoughtful in picking these out and making sure all the details were just perfect. Evie loves pink while Lena loves blue hence the two colored beads. We always joke that they are peas in a pod; you can also just barely see the initial charms with “L” and “E.”


Luckily, Ellie’s family are saints and they all pitched in to help decorate and prep the food. Had I been left to plan party food on my own, I’m pretty sure we would have ended up with baby carrots and water. Instead, we had three tables filled to the brim with everything from fruits and veggies to homemade spinach dip with Hawaiian bread (and now my mouth is watering).


The girls’ most common request while together is to dance so we also hired a very patient girl called Hannah to lead the kids in a few routines. It was manic but they all seemed to love it. She even had name tags for every child and lots of fun props. I’m pretty sure the parachute was the favorite. Clearly, Aksel was into it.


For the second year in a row, the Sarge missed the festivities due to work but we were able to FaceTime just in time for the birthday song and blowing out the candles. Ellie and her mom made Evie’s cake which impressed me to no end. I knew better than to ruin Lena’s day by attempting that miracle and happily hired my friend to make this incredible superhero masterpiece. Worth every penny!


After all the dancing, eating and sweating, Lena barely held it together long enough for me to get a few pictures in front of my cardboard backdrops. She just kept telling me she was so tired – birthdays are hard work even for superheroes!


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