Lena’s (actual) 4th Birthday

We like to go all out for birthdays and since Evie and Lena had shared the spotlight at their friend party, we decided to also celebrate each of them on the actual day of their birth. So a few days after the big fiesta, one little superhero woke up to a balloon-filled bedroom. You would have thought it was Christmas, Lena was so ecstatic over this. I put streamers on her door and even hung the birthday sign my brother had made for her the year prior. Uncle Stein is a pretty talented artist and drew the custom Frozen poster sitting over the bed. This elicited even more squeals of excitement that nearly burst my eardrums.


Lena got to open one card and one present in exchange for some picture posing. She was feeling mighty fancy in her new plush robe and I was proud that I had remembered to make a birthday crown at the last minute.


We packed our rain gear and a picnic lunch then headed to Wimpole Home Farm with the neighbors per the Diva’s request. The kids were in┬áheaven checking out all the animals and farm equipment and even got to try out milking fake udders. There was also a live milking demonstration where ol’ Bessy the Cow got hooked up to an electric pump. That experience was made extra special when Lena loudly commented, “Look mama! That cow’s milks are spraying everywhere like when you feed Aksel!”


After our picnic, I took an obscene number of photos of Aksel because … obviously, just look at him. He is edible. And then it started raining, so I put him into his froggy rain suit and nearly passed out at the fact that he had become even cuter. Not that I’m biased or anything.


Lena asked for Norwegian pancakes (also known as crepes) as her birthday dinner. Not wanting to send us all into a diabetic coma, we skipped the cake and just had her blow out a random candle. Her biggest birthday request was for everyone to sing Happy Birthday and then blow out a candle so she was thrilled with this. Also, every time she made that request, she would do so by acting out the entire scenario – full rendition of the birthday song followed by eyes closed, and a big puff of air to blow out her imaginary flame. I would then be required to eat a slice of her fake┬ácake. This happened at least 50 times leading up to her big day. I’m grateful it has since passed.


All the neighbor kids pitched in to open presents and then they were off to ride their new bikes and scooters. And with that, my baby officially turned four!


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