Linton Zoo And BBQ

After a week of waiting and hoping, a flight finally showed up and it was headed directly to Seymour Johnson, of all places. This was the best possible scenario and we were ecstatic but still a bit cautious as we weren’t sure we’d actually get on the flight. Since we had a couple days to kill before the flight actually left, we decided to take Lena to the Linton Zoo.

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She’s very much into animals these days so we knew she’d enjoy herself. We planned a morning trip in the hopes she would sleep on the way home and luckily, the zoo was small enough that we could see it all in just a few hours. It was a bit of a random assortment of animals – zebras, tortoises, lemurs, and dinosaur sculptures, to name a few. I don’t say it enough but Jason is an amazing dad. No matter where we are or what’s going on, he’s up for anything that Lena wants to do. I’m so thankful that my daughter will grow up feeling valued and loved and I hope she’ll be confident in her quirkiness just like her daddy.

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Most of the animals were asleep so I only got a few pictures. However, we did get to catch the lions before they settled in for their afternoon nap. As we rounded a corner, we noticed a decent size crowd all laughing at and taking pictures of something. As we got closer, we realized the lions were indulging in a nooner with a full blown audience. Except the female lion couldn’t be bothered to exert any effort so she sort of just laid on her back, barely managing to stay awake. Most of the children seemed confused while the adults were dying laughing. Apparently, it was a group of highly mature individuals; us included.

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After our day at the zoo, we did one last check over our luggage and geared up for another trip to the airport terminal. We ended up getting the last three seats on the flight despite it being nearly empty. Apparently, one of the toilets had broken so they were limited to how many passengers they could take. Lena was a trooper as usual and went right to sleep upon take-off. As soon as we were high enough, we laid her down on the floor where she slept for a solid hour. A couple rounds of Dumbo and Finding Nemo later, we landed in Goldsboro, North Carolina.


We had mentioned to the Carlsson’s that we would be trying to fly out that day but had no information beyond that. Luckily, Dustin is Mr. Diligent and had figured out when and where the flight would be landing. As soon as we found a phone, we called him up and of course, he and Melissa were already on base, waiting for us. During our waiting week, Jason had been talking non-stop about his undying affection for Eastern Carolina BBQ and planning his days based on the restaurants he wanted to visit. So as soon as we dropped off our suitcases, it was off to McCall’s for some good old fashioned country eating.

We did some damage on bbq, slaw and hush puppies and I think Jason may have even passed out from the sheer ecstasy of drinking sweet tea. Just as he was about to go for seconds, he saw his mom in the buffet line. Completely random as it was about 4 o’clock on a Monday but then again, Wayne county is a pretty small place. Luckily Jason had mentioned to her we were trying to come home so she didn’t pass out from shock and we got to visit for a bit before jet lag got the best of us. It was good to be back – food coma and all!

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