London Ice Sculpture Festival [Part 1]


The London Ice Sculpture was this weekend at Canary Wharf so we decided to make a quick day trip to check it out. There’s a speed train from Cambridge that will take you to King’s Cross in just 45 minutes so we loaded up the stroller and found our seats. I never know what type of mood the Bacon Bit will be in but luckily, she was happy to just look out the window and play on my iPhone the majority of the ride.




I know I take a lot of photos of the back of her head but I just want her to always remember the frizzy mullet of her youth. She has the hairline of a 40 year old man.


True to her nickname, the Diva is highly picky about what and when she will eat. She decided she liked the organic fruit bars I had brought along but surprised herself when she ate half the bar in one bite. This face kills me.


My navigation skills were a bit rusty so it took us awhile to figure out how to get to Canary Wharf but eventually, we managed. Jason has a serious lack of patience for traveling with the stroller and insisted we could just go down the escalator and stairs with the rest of the travellers. He claimed there were no signs forbidding us to put the stroller on the escalator so it was completely fine. I tried to hide my face to avoid the judgmental stares.

Lena fell asleep by the time we got to the Wharf so we tucked her into her spaceship and let her snooze. I don’t think I can remember a time when I have been more freezing cold. I had on a sweatshirt underneath my giant down coat and still felt like my bone marrow had solidified into ice. Before you got onto the actual wharf, there was a giant block of ice called the Graffiti Wall and you could carve into it. You’ll notice these people aren’t wearing gloves; I’m 90% sure they later suffered from frostbite.


The Wharf was packed with people; so many that we actually had to wait in line to walk across and see the exhibits.


I’m vertically challenged so I had a tough time getting clear shots of all the sculptures but here are a few to at least give you an idea. The themes were “Wonders of the Universe” and “Infinity” and were created by the top ice sculptors in the world.





I have no idea how they make these things as we were only able to stay at each station for a few minutes but I know there are chainsaws and ice picks involved. One of the artists had a small clay rendering of his sculpture and it was interesting to see how that translated into a different medium. To earn my Fine Arts degree, I had to take both ceramics and sculpture classes and as soon as the semester was over, my projects were promptly thrown away so as not to embarrass myself any further. Even my own mom told me to trash them; that’s when you know it’s bad. So I have a tremendous respect for what these guys created. I’m fairly confident that if I were confronted with a block of ice and a chainsaw, I’d only manage to injure myself or someone else.




This guy is probably a Viking because he was carving ice with his bare hands. My fingers are aching just looking at this picture.


This cross had snowballs or something embedded in the ice; it was really incredible to see in person. There was also some sort of guitar and eagle next to it; unfortunately, this was the best shot I could get even after standing on a giant planter. Short people problems.


At the end of the wharf, there were stalls with all types of food. I went a little photo-crazy so that will be my next post!


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