London Ice Sculpture Festival [Part 2]


As promised, here are some photos of the amazing food from the Ice Sculpture Festival. There were so many people that I wasn’t able to get photos of all the stalls, but I can promise you that each one of them boasted some amazing options.


Jason and I were both in awe of the quality of the food. We’re used to street fairs with more American options – hamburgers, hot dogs, barbecue, french fries. Basically your typical unhealthy junk food. But this festival had a sampling of traditional meals from a variety of countries. French crepes, Swedish meatballs, traditional English roasts, Belgian hot chocolate… the works. Just look at this menu, for example. I had to actually walk through all the stalls twice before I could decide what I wanted to eat; everything looked and smelled delicious.


I have an intense love for cheese; in fact, I could probably eat it for every meal and be satisfied. Throw in some bread and I’m in heaven. It’s really surprising I’m not a size zero, I know. This little truck was selling Alpine food and was ultimately where I decided to get my lunch. Just picture this: they had giant blocks of cheese under an open flame and scraped the melted portion over a mix of new potatoes, artichoke hearts, endives and roasted peppers. It was their version of a vegetarian raclette and I’ll probably be craving it for the next few months. I should have taken a picture but I really couldn’t be bothered when faced with melted cheese and potatoes.


The stall with pastries was incredible. I have a tendency to get a little awkward around food, especially when it’s desserts. Luckily, I had my camera around my neck so the amount of time I spent oogling over all the tasty treats was only borderline inappropriate. I actually didn’t buy anything here because the decision was just too difficult. I don’t particularly like meringue but these were the most enormous and fluffy ones I’ve ever seen and I was tempted to sample it for myself.





In order to get back to the train station, we had to take the tube and transfer lines at London Bridge. The Sarge suggested we walk around a bit and take some pictures since we were so close to the popular tourist sites. The Bacon Bit had fallen asleep again so it almost felt like a nice little date with just the two of us. We didn’t really have a plan, so we just started walking and taking pictures. Despite it being his suggestion, you can see that Jason is less than enthused to pose for photos. Fortunately, I’m not phased by his lack of enthusiasm for digitally documenting our life!



Lacking any sort of itinerary, we ended up going the wrong direction and had to backtrack. I couldn’t help but laugh thinking about my sister-wife/best friend Melissa. She has to have a plan for everything and even refused to walk around Richmond, Virginia, with me once because she read that it was urban. We were on a pretty deserted street with no idea where we were headed – she would have absolutely flipped out. So Melissa, if you’re reading this, I promise to map out our London adventure before you arrive so as not to cause you to spaz out!



The bridges were absolutely beautiful at night – everything was lit up and it was sprinkling so all the lights twinkled a bit. I actually preferred visiting in the evening over the daytime as there weren’t as many people and it felt more intimate.



After a quick bite to eat, we made it back to the train station and headed towards Cambridge. Aside from pushing a stroller around, I felt a little bit like my old self again as we found our way around London. I have to say, though, it’s a lot more fun to share it with my little family.



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