Malta – Blue Lagoon in Comino Island

After one unsuccesful attempt at dining in an actual restaurant, we threw in the towel and gave up. Malta follows the Spanish tradition of an afternoon siesta meaning dinner time doesn’t even begin until after 7pm. Our kids (ok and maybe us, too) are down for the count by 7:30 each day so this left us with limited dining options. We were on vacation, after all, so we decided to make the best of it and work with what we had.IMG_2438Jason surprised me with his zeal for the bathrobes provided by the hotel and any time we were in the suite, he was rocking the robe and houseslippers. Clad in matching nightwear, we ordered in room service and set up a romantic dinner for ourselves on the balcony. The kids were tired and happily watching tv just a few feet behind the sliding glass door and all was well with the world. We shared a lovely toast and I commented how, someday, we would be free to enjoy dinner out every night and would probably miss these crazy days of screaming babies and bossy four year olds. IMG_2431Lena popped out for a minute to interrupt us check on us and give out cuddles. We praised her for being so sweet and thanked her for playing with her brother so Mama and Daddy could talk for a minute.IMG_2432After about twenty minutes, we headed back inside; feeling a sense of satisfaction with our genius plan. The kids were happy, we didn’t have to leave them with a random babysitter in a foreign country, and we had gotten some time “alone.” Priceless, right? Oh, but what a hefty price we would pay….Lena had taken it upon herself to deface the ENTIRE length of the hotel wall while we unknowingly sat just feet away. When I saw the carnage, it was like everything moved in slow motion while my brain tried to process everything. Finally, I just started laughing because really, what else can you even do? Especially when this is the face of the graffiti artist.IMG_2436I thought Jason might actually lose his mind at this point. Thankfully, our little deviant had only used pencil and we had an abundance of spare washcloths to clean up the mess. The laughter just kept coming as I watched Jason work up a sweat in his fancy bathrobe and Lena pouted her way through a half-assed effort at clean up. These are the days, folks.IMG_2437In an attempt to avoid any more damage fees, we opted to spend the next day on a boat tour of the island of Malta. We weren’t really sure what to expect as they gave us no info about the length of the cruise or size of the boat. Lena’s face pretty much summed up my feelings about taking a one and four year old out to sea.IMG_7081IMG_7084Despite it being a bit grey and chilly in the morning, we ended up having the warmest weather of our whole trip on this day. Even in the harbor, the water was a beautiful, deep blue making for some nice photos. IMG_7085The captain of the ship narrated most of our journey and impressively, spoke English, German and Maltese. It was a bit tricky to understand as the intercom system was rather dated but I did manage to catch a few interesting comments. IMG_7087IMG_7088IMG_7113IMG_7118The statue with a path leading up to it is called St. Paul’s Island and marks where the Apostle Paul landed upon his shipwreck. History states that he was bitten by a poisonous snake but suffered no ill effects, so the people of Malta took it as a sign that he was a special man. As a result, he was welcomed by the Maltese people and even invited to stay in the house of Publius, the Roman’s chief man on the island at the time. Not a bad turn of events for a prisoner on his way to trial!IMG_7092IMG_7096IMG_7121IMG_7099Lena was clearly very interested in this story as you can see #nosepickerIMG_7105IMG_7107IMG_7110IMG_7112While it was great to hear all about the history of Malta, the real reason we booked the boat ride was to get to the Blue Lagoon in Comino Island. Never in my life have I seen such pristine, aqua water. Actually, that’s not true. I’ve seen places like this on the internet and then turn green with envy that anyone would actually get to experience it in real life. IMG_7123IMG_7127IMG_7130IMG_7134I hope this is what heaven is like. Because this is my paradise right here. The only thing it lacked was someplace to buy ice cream cones but let’s not get picky. IMG_7135IMG_7137IMG_7142IMG_7147I would have been happy to spend every day of our vacation in this spot but I was surprised at how small it was compared to how much it was advertised as a must-see destination. Since we were visiting in the off-season, there were hardly any tourists. Combined with the unusually warm November weather, I think we may have had a once-in-a-lifetime experience this day. We basically had the whole place to ourselves whereas in the summertime, I would bet it’s nearly impossible to even get near this place. IMG_7150IMG_7156IMG_7164I didn’t want to leave, but ultimately, we decided we should probably get back on the boat as I hadn’t packed enough food to camp out for the night. I also am not even sure that’s legal, so… you know, laws and stuff. The kids passed out which was lucky as we sailed along for another three hours in some pretty choppy waves.IMG_7166IMG_2424IMG_7175By the time we got back to the harbor, it was nearly sunset and we were treated to a magnificent display. So while we may not have managed any fancy dinners, we did still get to swim in one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. Not a bad trade off, if you ask me!IMG_7182IMG_7193


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