Malta – Mellieha Bay

Nothing like a five month break from blogging to make you realize how much your babies have grown! 🙁 I’m having a little bit of a moment looking back on these pictures. For one thing, Aksel had no teeth and now he looks like a little chipmunk. Lena’s hair has tripled in length and I’m pretty sure she has the brain of a teenager now. What is even happening?!

Anyway, this will be a short and sweet recap of our day at Mellieha Bay. We originally intended to visit Golden Bay but as we neared the beach, there was a military barricade and no one was allowed to pass. We had no idea what was going on and the entire exchange took place in a language I couldn’t understand. For some reason, my anxiety was really bad during this trip and this nearly tipped me into a full blown panic attack. I had this sobering realization that we were in a foreign country, there were people in front of me holding machine guns, and all our identification documents were miles away. These people could really do anything they wanted and no one would have a clue. In reality, we were in absolutely no danger. Malta was hosting the 2016 Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) and the Queen of England was due to arrive that day at the very beach we were trying to visit. Security was understandbly higher so we were probably even safer than normal. However, it took a while for my brain to accept that fact and it gave me even more empathy for those who have actually been in that situation. Perhaps we could all use a tiny taste of other people’s reality before being so quick to turn them away….

Off my soapbox now, here’s the alternate beach we visited. It’s called Mellieha Bay and is supposed to be one of the better family beaches on the island. There was a decent breeze making it a bit chilly so we mostly had the beach to ourselves.Malta - Mellieha BayIMG_7222

This lady going for a swim was extremely brave as it was nowhere near warm enough to persuade me to even dip a toe in that water.IMG_7219

One-year-old, chubby, happy Aksel has just made my day. I’m also certain that while his body has grown over the past nine months, his head has stayed the same. And thank goodness, because that thing was MASSIVE.IMG_7226IMG_7227

Lena was happy throwing rocks in the water and never straying more than a few feet away from Jason. It’s like she has a tracking device on him sometimes. IMG_7230IMG_7231IMG_7234IMG_7239IMG_7241

On one side of the beach was the village of Mellieha while an old castle overlooked the bay from across the water. I thought the creams and terra cotta hues of the buildings were really pretty against the aqua water.IMG_7244IMG_7247

After deciding we were all cold and tired and ready to go, we went on the hunt for a taxi. Unfortunately, it was siesta time for most people so there were no cars around and hardly any shops open. So we walked up the hill a bit until we saw a hotel. But this wasn’t just a hotel, it was actually a village catering specifically to citizens of Denmark. Jason did not miss the opportunity to mock me for finding “my people” despite being on a very small and isolated speck of the earth. Hey, when you’ve got it, you’ve got it.IMG_7245

Yet again, we had a fine dining experience of room service and whining children in the comfort of our suite. But this time, no one was left unsupervised to deface any surfaces. Thank goodness we’re past that stage now…. I hope.IMG_7278

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