Malta – St. George’s Bay

Malta. Ever heard of it? Thanks to Jason’s Theology course focusing on the Apostle Paul, we found ourselves visiting this tiny island at the end of November. At the end of Acts, Paul finds himself shipwrecked along with some 274 others and they swam to the safe shores of Malta. His curiosity piqued, Jason did a quick google search and flight tracking, and that’s how we ended up spending a week in this sunny little paradise.

Not knowing what to expect for transportation, I insisted we bring both carseats for the kids. Jason nearly killed me before we even boarded the plane as apparently, the seats weren’t airplane friendly and had to be stowed. We all have our triggers – his is travel, mine is car safety. Once we landed, we found our driver and headed out to the car. I nearly had a heart attack when I saw the little tuna can he had arrived in and wondered how we were all going to fit. He attempted to load Aksel’s carrier carseat forward facing by just placing the seatbelt over the front and according to Jason, my reaction wasn’t polite. Despite the driver insisting, “No, no, this is fine; everything is okay,” it most definitely was not. I finally got everyone buckled in and then squeezed myself in the middle and went full blown mom-mode by holding my hands over the kid’s chests as an added precaution.

After a nerve-wracking drive through the city, we finally arrived at our hotel. By this time, I was really sweaty from stress, Jason was ready to throw the carseats into the ocean, and Lena was just ready to get her holiday on. We were greeted with freshly squeezed orange juice and then shown to our room. IMG_2375Jason had splurged for a giant suite with dual balconies overlooking St. George’s Bay as well as the several pools on the grounds. The view was gorgeous and after months of grey, English weather, the sunshine felt like paradise. IMG_7079Lena, much like her father, is constantly singing a song but it’s never the whole song. It’s always just a short stanza and usually, the lyrics are just slightly off. From the moment we left the house, this little diddy was on repeat: “Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn, say what?!” Except Lena’s version sounded like, “Hotel, Motel, Holiday Nancy Woo!” Say it out loud and it will make sense. We hadn’t been in our hotel room more than a few minutes and she had stripped down to her undies, gotten out her Nabi, and made herself comfortable in the pull out bed. Jason and I about died laughing and agreed that her holiday alter-ego, Nancy Woo, had come out. IMG_2378It took some convincing, but we finally got Nancy Woo to agree to get dressed so we could explore our home for the week. Marina Hotel Corinthia Beach Resort has seven pools, a spa, fitness facilities and 11 restaurants to choose from. Most of our vacations are jam-packed with sightseeing and traveling between different destinations, so for this one, we decided to relax as much as possible. And having all those amenities at the hotel made it perfect as attempting to go out to eat with a one and four year old isn’t the most relaxing experience. By the end of our trip, we were quite friendly with the room service attendants.IMG_2380IMG_2384IMG_2390Our first full day was spent at St. George’s Bay and since it was the off season, we had the beach mostly to ourselves. It was a little bit chilly to start off with, but we were dedicated to soaking up as much Vitamin D as possible and weren’t about to be deterred. Plus, how often do you get to take a dip in the Mediterranean?IMG_7020IMG_7022IMG_7024IMG_7030IMG_7032IMG_7034Aksel was not entirely sure if he approved of things and took a few nibbles of sand before demanding I clean off his hands. Also please notice his lack of hair. A few days before we left, I noticed he was starting to grow a mullet like his sister had at the same age. So I asked Jason to just trim the little wings in the back. Well….. that didn’t work out quite so well as instead of a trim, he just took a giant chunk of hair out the back of my baby’s skull. In an attempt to fix it, Jason thought he could just “blend it” by cutting everything off and leaving the top bit long. Sweeney Todd, he is not.IMG_7026IMG_7043IMG_7057IMG_7067So here is an obnoxious number of photos of us sitting on the beach. Lena suckered Jason into buying her an ice cream and then did a victory dance in front of me with a face covered in chocolate. This little girl owns her daddy. IMG_7064IMG_7037IMG_7040IMG_7042We had debated whether or not to get the balcony suite when we initially booked our room but I’m glad Jason insisted because we ended up spending every morning and evening out here. We even attempted a romantic balcony dinner that ended in disaster, but I’ll fill you in on that debacle in my next post.IMG_2416IMG_7005IMG_7006IMG_7009IMG_7018IMG_7076IMG_7077IMG_2414

And if you’re still confused about this magical place called Malta, this is how Jason described it to me: it’s a little fleck that got kicked off the boot of Italy. And now you know!


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