Malta – St. John’s Co-Cathedral

Churches are one of my favorite places to visit when we’re exploring a new city. So on our last day in Malta, we ventured into Valletta for a look at St. John’s Co-Cathedral

As soon as we entered the church, my jaw hit the floor. I have NEVER seen anything so ornate in my entire life. Literally every surface from the floor to the ceiling was decorated in a Baroque style. 

Lena went into photog mode, snagging my phone and snapping about 200 pictures of the floor. Lucky for you, they didn’t make the cut for blog photos.

St. John’s Co-Cathedral was built for the Knights of St. John and several of the knights donated incredible works of art. When I was deciding what concentration I wanted for my BFA, I contemplated specializing in Art History. I distinctly remember learning about Caravaggio’s painting, ‘The Beheading of St. John the Baptist.’ When I read that this painting was housed at the Cathedral, I completed nerded out with excitement and I’m pretty sure Jason questioned my sanity.

There are no pictures allowed of the painting and it’s housed in a very dark room for protection. But when you see it in person, it’s as if the painting is perfectly lit from within. I remember my Art History professor attempting to explain this to us during his lecture but no explanation can truly do justice to the effect. The history of how this painting came into existence is fascinating and worth a read.

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Jason had to peel me away from the painting as I could have sat and stared at it forever. But the kids were getting hungry and we needed to start packing for our flight home. We finished up with a quick look over the Grand Harbour to bid farewell to the island of Malta.

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