March Photo Dump

As if working full time, being a dad and a husband weren’t enough, Jason has decided to go back to school. I have no idea where he gets his energy and I’m pretty sure he only sleeps three hours a night but somehow, he manages to juggle it all effortlessly. Most nights look like this: Jason attempting to do homework while the kids either crawl or sleep on him and I take pictures and gush about how handsome he looks with babies in his arms.


Aksel is our angel baby and demands a nap each night almost exactly as we finish dinner. He has to be in his daddy’s arms, though, and as soon as he finds his little spot, he’s out for the count and making snorting noises like a bulldog. These photos are about six months old and I’m not sure who has changed more in that time – Aksel or Lena.

At fours months old, Aksel wasn’t quite able to sit up on his own yet so he was subjected to the strangle hug courtesy of his big sister. The bear suit is the gift that keeps on giving as it was handed down to me by my cousin, Liv, when Lena was just four months old. I think perhaps Lena enjoyed the costume¬†a bit more than Aksel, however.

402675_637743545110_1264541955_n IMG_2893

March was a bit dreary – more grey, English days. We did reach a major milestone, though, when I was finally able to braid Lena’s hair. Gone are the days of the bald baby with the whispy mullet growing out the base of her skull. I was so excited about the “Princess Elsa braids” as she calls them, that I made her pose for a mini photoshoot.

IMG_2903 IMG_2916 IMG_2932

We got a little extra Daddy time in March which meant long mornings in bed with lots of snuggles. And sometimes that translated into lunch in bed because the clock struck noon and we were all still in our pajamas. Lena requests a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with peppers and cucumbers for lunch This has proved to be a bit tricky as she can’t bring any nut products to preschool. So on Mondays and Wednesdays, she basically doesn’t eat lunch. I have no idea what we’re going to do when she starts going full time.

IMG_2982 IMG_3012 IMG_2993 IMG_3013

The rest of the month was spent enjoying family time. Lena loves her ballet class and thanks to Jason’s love for Lionel Ritchie, she now sings Ballerina Girl at full volume several times a day. Except that she thinks the song is about her so her version is called “Balla-lena guhl.” Say that last word phonetically and you’ll get the idea; it’s a twist on the British accent.

IMG_3037 IMG_3039

So that was¬†March – lots of rain, lots of snuggles, and Lena’s ever-present buttcrack!

IMG_3041 IMG_3055

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