May Recap

As usual, I’m months behind on documenting this little life of ours. But better late than never, right?

May brought some beautiful days with sunshine and semi-warm temperatures. That last part is relative to where we live; anything above 65 degrees is now considered “warm” weather. Yes, we still miss the South at times. Lena started taking ballet classes at the local dance school. I wasn’t quite sure how it would go as she’s more of a pop-lock-it-drop-it dancer than a graceful ballerina but she absolutely loves it. This is the most structured environment she’s been in to date and I think it will be a good transition for preschool. Lena adores her teacher, Miss Louise, and constantly asks me to take her to dance class. So we’ll stick with it for now. If nothing else, watching a bunch of pink-clad toddlers run around in tutus and attempt to spin without falling provides for some hysterical entertainment.

IMG_9613 IMG_9615 IMG_9620

Jason had to meet up with one of his airmen on base so we decided to turn it into a little family day by stopping in for some bowling. We’ve lived here close to two years now and I had no idea there was a bowling alley on base. Needless to say, we don’t hang out there much. My average bowling score hovers in the 40’s so it’s safe to say I’m absolutely awful at it. That could be in part because I go about once every five years. So this may not be all that exciting, but I was impressed by the kiddie accommodations – namely this dragon ball slide that allowed Lena to roll her bowling ball down the lane. True to form, she insisted on picking out her own ball and carrying it by herself each turn. The ball she chose was 10 pounds – approximately 1/3 her weight. It’s that Viking blood; she’s a berserker. For the most part, it all went well. We had a little issue keeping Lena off the side lanes as she liked how slippery they were. At one point, she almost took Jason down with her. Luckily, he maintained his balance so I didn’t have to deal with peeing my pants in public. Because there is nothing more hilarious than watching people fall.

IMG_9596 IMG_9597 IMG_9602 IMG_9603 IMG_9604

We were apparently feeling quite patriotic because we went to another event on base in May. Jason and I both have always loved the band Third Day. In fact, Lena’s very first concert was to see Third Day at Busch Gardens when our good friends in The Matt Bartlett Band opened up for them. So when we found out the USO was bringing them to RAF Mildenhall, we were really excited. Jason told me to expect a 30 minute show as that’s what groups normally do in the desert. Instead, they played a two hour set and took all sorts of requests from the crowd. It was such a great show and felt like we were just hanging out with the band rather than being “entertained.” Lena, being the social little butterfly that she is, made friends with a little girl and the two of them went all-out dancing much to the entertainment of everyone seated in the bleachers.

IMG_9753 IMG_9758 IMG_9771 IMG_9772 IMG_9776

Our final big adventure in May was a day out at Anglesey Abbey with my friend, Naz, and her daughter, Arabella. The warmer weather meant the gardens were in bloom and the colors were absolutely gorgeous. Nothing compares to the color combos found in nature. We brought a picnic lunch and let the girls run around chasing bees and butterflies. The sun was shining, the company was lovely, and the salty and sweet popcorn Naz brought was delicious. It was a perfect day!

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