October 2014 Recap

October was super fun and crazy busy – funny how having kids means you suddenly have a very full social calendar even if it looks much different from what it used to. After watching Curious George’s No-Noggin Halloween special on repeat, Lena was sufficiently excited for all things pumpkin and costume. She insisted she wanted to be a lion for Halloween (what a surprise; the kid roars at me all day long) so I decided to attempt a homemade costume. My sewing skills are minimal but I at least know how to thread a bobbin so I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best. In case someone else is feeling inspired, here’s a quick rundown of how I turned my little munchkin into a ferocious lion.

I started with two faux fur shrugs that I found at a local store. They were about £8 each so not too bad.


Then I measured Lena’s wrists and ankles (with boots on since they needed to fit over the boot). I added an inch to each and was lucky enough that I had the perfect amount of fabric.


I then sewed two seams at my measurement markings so I could then cut in between and the faux fur wouldn’t unravel on me. Just a word of warning, faux fur likes to get everywhere – up your nose being a favorite spot – so just be prepared for that and don’t have a snack nearby unless you like your meals flavored with fur.


After cutting in between my seams, I had two wrist pieces and two ankle pieces. I then sewed some velcro on each one and that was it! Pretty simple.


For the head piece, I left the second shrug intact and just sewed a bit of velcro right under the chin so it could wrap around Lena’s face. Then we did half pigtails on top of her head to look like ears. Also, Lena likes to watch me put on make up so when I asked if we should paint her face, there were huge squeals of joy and she now asks if I’m turning myself into a lion anytime she sees me attempting to cover up my dark under eye circles.


The tail was made from some extra scraps of stuff I had in my craft supplies. My aunt gave me a ton of random fabrics and accessories awhile back and I was really glad I had kept them as they were the perfect finishing touch.


So there’s an easy way to make a lion costume!


Lena’s preschool put on a great little Halloween party as a fundraiser so we all decided to dress up, much to my delight and Jason’s horror. His Michael Jackson Thriller costume is absolutely ridiculous and I could hardly look at him without almost peeing my pants in laughter. He’s like a Weird Al Yankovich version of MJ. I’m still dying looking back at these photos. We also had to walk through our village to get to the party and cars were actually stopping to admire our beautiful threads.

IMG_1431 IMG_1441 IMG_1437 IMG_1436

It was all worth it in the end though as Lena had a great time and both she and Jason brought home prizes for best costume. I had planned to be a fortune teller and paint my belly as a crystal ball but just ran out of time. So I looked like a gypsy but that works, too!

unnamed-1 unnamed

The next day, we joined Daddy at work to help him set up his office for a giant Trick-Or-Treat maze hosted by his squadron. There were inflatable pumpkins, spiders that jumped out at you and cobwebs galore. Lena didn’t seem phased by most of it (read: no tears of terror) which was great. She is a pretty brave and adventurous little lady which I love about her. There were also some games and coloring pages in one of the conference rooms plus more candy than I’ve ever seen in my life. I almost went into a sugar coma by association.

IMG_1445 IMG_1452 IMG_1458 IMG_1461

Later that week, we had a special Halloween ballet class where all the kids came dressed in costume. Ridiculous. The cuteness was just overwhelming and every parent went picture crazy. They had all the kids line up along the wall at the end and then they got to take home a little goodie bag with a few pieces of candy and a balloon. Lena’s ballet teacher is just incredible and so gifted with little ones. We love dance class and look forward to going each week though I have to say the costume theme was a highlight.

IMG_1468 IMG_1471 IMG_1475 IMG_1479

Finally, I helped plan and host a fall carnival in our village the day before Halloween. Wanting it to be family friendly, we stayed away from the scarier themes of ghosts and goblins. We had leaf matching, bobbing for apples, pumpkin balancing and lots of yummy food and drinks. In between running games, I was the designated picture taker for the photobooth and even got to pose in one photo with our neighbor who Lena adores.

IMG_1628 IMG_1577

By the time Halloween finally arrived, I was tapped out. So Lena and I gathered all the candy around the house and handed it out on the street in front of our house. The Brits were ecstatic to get American candy and I was happy to have it out of the house. Thankfully, Lena loves to share and had no problem giving everything away. I’m not sure we’ll be as lucky next year but we did mention that if she ate all the candy, she would get sick and die. Okay, so maybe not that dramatic but we did warn of a giant stomachache.

So with October out of the way, we’re now on the countdown for Baby #2 to make it’s arrival. Lots of changes to come but we’re all getting excited!

IMG_1336 IMG_1342 IMG_1355 IMG_1371 IMG_1374 IMG_1397

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