Pacific Northwest Paradise

Before we left for Washington, my cousin mentioned she would be teaching at a local preschool for the summer and they were holding different sessions themed around art and nature. I knew Lena would love it (and I was in desperate need of some kid-free time), so I signed up the Bacon Bit for the four day camp. Each day, the kids would head outside to the nearby nature reserve and learn all about colors, numbers, animals, plants, etc. I loved the idea as we had looked at enrolling Lena into a Forest School in England during our preschool search. I also knew she’d be well looked after by her Tante Laila and I would have five glorious hours each day to myself. Here’s the little munchkin all dressed up for her first two days; standing on the exact same steps as me on my first day of school. While she’s sporting a monogrammed lunch box rather than Barbie and The Rockers like I had, the amount of sass in this little package definitely matches that of her Mama.

IMG_0300 IMG_0309 IMG_0306

At the end of camp, Lena came home with all sorts of new artwork which is now proudly framed in her room. And since she had her own personal photographer on hand each day, I was lucky enough to get these great photos showing her hard at work getting all smart and grown up. I could seriously eat this kid, I love her so dang much!

IMG_7017 IMG_7750 IMG_7736 IMG_7687

After the first day of preschool, we had a very tired toddler on our hands. I know my dad was in heaven here snuggling his oldest grand baby.

IMG_0127 IMG_0130

The entire time we were home, the weather was absolutely perfect. So we got lots of sunshine and pool time which was heavenly. My parents had carefully picked out the perfect pool in anticipation of our arrival and had it all set up each afternoon so we could head outside and cool down. The foot picture cracks me up because we all have the infamous “Caspersen toe.” I’ve been mocked for this nubby excuse for a metatarsal my entire life and now, my own flesh and blood has started in on it. Every time Lena looks at my feet, she asks, “Mama! What happened?” and points to my littlest piggy. The funny this is, she has yet to realize the curse has been passed on to her as well!

IMG_6951 IMG_6987 IMG_6971 IMG_6965 IMG_6961 IMG_6959 IMG_6952

My hometown has changed and grown by leaps and bounds since I lived there so I was excited when my mom mentioned they were now holding outdoor summer concerts in the Harbor. We met up with Tricia and Grayson one evening for a quick listen to some live jazz and a visit with local sea life. I truly believe you’d have a tough time finding somewhere as beautiful as Gig Harbor on a warm summer evening. There’s a reason people put up with all the grey and rainy days and these pictures are the perfect illustration of that. The beauty and atmosphere is indescribable – and at times it feels like you’re in a movie because it’s so perfect. It definitely made me miss living there and got the wheels turning about where we might like to be stationed next or think about retiring once Jason is out of the Air Force. Time will tell!

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