Pizza, Goo And Baby Bullies


In an attempt to add a little variety to our day, I decided it would be great fun to help the Bacon Bit make some “goo.” It was time to snap out of slug mode and do something creative.


Since I’m what some might call a culinary genius, the recipe for “goo” came from my own mind and is extremely involved. Plastic bags, flour, water, and food coloring. Bam! It’s practically a party up in here.

The face

The face

This little face should have tipped me off to the outcome of our adventure but alas, I didn’t pick up on the sarcasm of my toddler. Despite the fact that she’s a mere 17 months old, my kid has a hilarious sense of humor. It simultaneously delights me and frightens me. This one…. she’s going to be a handful.

You know it's serious when the tongue comes out

You know it’s serious when the tongue comes out

I let Lena dump some flour in each bag, I added water and food coloring, taped the top, then handed it to her to mix and explore.


The mix and explore portion of our lesson lasted all of three seconds before she threw both bags on the floor. She then challenged me to a staring contest before signing milk and grunting for me to let her down. I’m not sure, but I think I just became a victim of bullying.

Yeah right, lady. Homey don't play dat

Yeah right, lady. Homey don’t play dat

Staring contest. You and me. Right now.

Staring contest. You and me. Right now.

I tried to garner some more excitement for our sensory project but pretty much everything else was more interesting than squishing a bag of goo. We read a book (upside down), watched the birds at the feeder and practiced being an elephant complete with our arms acting as the trunk in the air.


She's clearly a genius - see the elephant on the page?

She’s clearly a genius – see the elephant on the page?


Hey, I tried.


Colored bags of rejection

Colored bags of rejection

The Sarge happened to be home for dinner which was a rare treat so we decided to make homemade pizza. The Diva was a bit more into this activity and I had my fingers crossed that letting her help prepare the food would mean she’d eat it as well.

That double chin of mine is always trying to steal the spotlight

That double chin of mine is always trying to steal the spotlight


Despite the fact that the pizza looked delicious, I was still tempted to nibble on these little hands. The daintiness of the raised pinky makes me practically giddy. Also, how about those eyelashes? Straight from her daddy. We’re learning how to give butterfly kisses with those babies. Is it weird that I just want to stare at this kid all day?

15 16

For all her help and hard work, the Diva was still not interested in eating dinner with us. She’s a stubborn little thing and she can’t really be bothered with table food. She’d rather lay in my lap and nurse; working on her slug impersonation. She must get that from her daddy, too…

Dominoe's can't touch this

Dominoe’s can’t touch this

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