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Growing up, I really thought everyone was Scandinavian as all our family friends could trace their roots back to the motherland. When we weren’t participating in a Sons of Norway function (and sometimes when we were, even), we would hang out with our honorary cousins, the Christiansen’s. There were Christmas parties, cross-country ski trips and plenty of outings throughout our childhood. My dad even taught the four Christiansen kids how to put a kitten on their head to look like a Davey Crocket hat. This party trick backfired, however, when the girls tried it and ended up with cat poop all through their long blonde hair.

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A few days before we flew back to England, my mom set up a playdate with some of the newest members of the Christiansen clan. We met up with Marit and her daughter Freyja at the Pt. Defiance Zoo for a drizzly day of animal gazing with our four kids. During college, Freyja and I played in a band based out Seattle and had a lot of fun performing at various bars and frat parties. She now has three kids – Odin, Leif and Anja – and is a successful physical therapist. I think her oldest son looks exactly like her but all three of her kids are really beautiful.

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The kids seemed to like the aquarium the best so we spent the most time there. It was another typical PNW day with lots of rain so we made a quick run through the rest of the exhibits.

IMG_3248 IMG_3253 IMG_3261 IMG_3263

By the end of it, all of us were soaked and the kids were getting hungry, tired and cranky. Never a good combo. I think this picture of Marit and Odin is priceless. Bestemor is laying down the law.

IMG_3292 IMG_3290 IMG_3294 IMG_3289

Despite being a quick visit, it was really nice to see Freyja again. Hopefully we can get together again the next time I’m home!

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