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I am incredibly lucky to still be friends with my childhood classmates. Through boyfriends, marriages, babies and cross-country moves, Tricia and Alicia have always been there for me. On my last trip home, Alicia was pregnant with Boden (who also happens to share my birthday) so I was really looking forward to finally meeting her little guy. We decided another slumber party was in order only this time, I would have an actual bed rather than sleeping on two crib mattresses. That resulted in no sleep and a public meltdown from both Lena and myself – something I think we all wanted to avoid this time around.

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There was a Family Fun Day going on at the new local park (why was this place not around when I was a kid growing up in the Harbor?!) so off we went to get our share of bounce houses and bubbles. Grayson and Lena were in their element so we let them run wild in the hopes they would later pass out from exhaustion.

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We also checked out some army tanks which Grayson (and Marc) thought were pretty cool. I’m just sad that my tan has faded now that I’m back in the land of tea and crumpets.


Someone had the bright idea to get popsicles for the kids and with the 90 degree temperatures, we quickly had a giant, sticky mess on our hands. Despite being the youngest of the group, Boden demolished his popsicle first though the majority of it ended up covering his clothes rather than making it into his mouth. It was a food coloring nightmare.

IMG_0699 IMG_0701

We decided to head back to Kyle and Alicia’s but not before Lena threw an epic tantrum due to being hot and hungry. It was one of her more impressive performances and I finally had just had enough so I attempted to pick her up and carry her to the car. I hadn’t really thought through my outfit choice because as I lifted her writhing body off the ground, she managed to pull down my top and strapless bra. It was also at this moment I heard a voice say, “Hey Tove! Haven’t seen you in forever!” Of course this would be the moment I run into a former classmate whose name, of course, I can’t remember. In a last ditch effort to avoid a massive show of public nudity, I pinned Lena to my chest, said a quick greeting (something along the lines of “Hey! It’s been a long time. I’ve just been living the dream, as you can see!”) and made a beeline for the car. I stuffed a melted protein bar in her mouth and we were off.

After enjoying some lunch and watching Grayson pee in the kiddie pool, Boden went down for a nap and we took Grayson and Lena out to the garage to check out Kyle’s cop car. The lights and siren were a big hit and Lena even got to try on some handcuffs. The picture of Grayson in the back of the vehicle is faintly reminiscent of a certain parent of his who had a little wild streak back in high school. I’m not naming names but you’ve got a 100% chance of guessing right (love you Pat and Marc-y Poo!).

IMG_0703 IMG_0709 IMG_0712

Kyle was a good sport and even let the kids try on his hat and vest. And then they got to talk into the loud speaker which I’m sure the neighbors loved. Hearing toddler voices magnified was hilarious and the kids loved it.

IMG_0715 IMG_0718

After a full day of playing and Lena essentially beating Boden at every opportunity, we threw our little stinkers in the tub and called it a day. It’s crazy to see what little mini-me’s they are though let’s hope they don’t do EVERYTHING their parents did.

IMG_0723 IMG_0732

The next day, we hired my cousin, Laila Eva, to take some photos of us with the munchkins. We brought along plenty of tricks from bubbles and crackers to toys and chocolate but still managed to get a few tears. Luckily, Laila Eva is incredibly talented and you would never know all the bribery and cajoling taking place behind the camera.

IMG_0738 IMG_8007

I’m obviously a little biased, but these three monsters are awfully cute if you ask me.

IMG_8048 IMG_8052 IMG_8318 IMG_8324 IMG_8333

It’s so great to watch my friends as moms as well. Both these girls are hustlers, working full time jobs with crazy hours and still managing to raise kind, loving and smart little dudes. I could not be more proud of them and I am really thankful Lena has so many strong aunties in her life to look up to. I know we all hope our little ones will grow up to be close like us and despite living far apart, we are doing our best to facilitate that.

IMG_8067 IMG_8186 IMG_8113 IMG_8123 IMG_8140 IMG_8147 IMG_8345 IMG_8349 IMG_8361

We also staged a repeat photo from my senior pictures which makes me die laughing every time I look at it. My mom refused to pay for professional photos because I had colored my hair and she didn’t like it. So we had one of our friends take photos of the three of us in my parents yard and called it good. Laila was a great sport and helped us reenact that fiasco complete with an attempt by the kids. These just make me happy and I think this is going to become a tradition now. I love my friends!

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