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This past September, Lena moved from preschool into all day school. It is similar to kindergarten in the States except the kids start after their fourth birthday and stay in school the entire day. Most of her friends from the preschool were moving up with her so I had no worries about her making friends or adjusting. She definitely has her daddy’s laid back attitude and is happy to just go with the flow.

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Over the summer holiday, Lena’¬†teacher asked that we work with our kids to become more independent in self care. This was a major test of patience for me. Why must children wear socks when it takes approximately 45 minutes of the world’s most annoying whining just to get a single sock over their toes? Seriously, why???? And don’t get me started on wiping after using the toilet. My child will only use one square of toilet paper or an entire roll. There’s no middle ground but there are certainly an abundance of skid marks.

I was also slightly concerned about what Lena would eat all day as there are no nut products allowed in school and she is fiercely attached to her peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I finally decided I would let her try school lunches and see what happened. She brought home the lunch menu and I had to do a double take to see if it was real. The kids are offered a hot or cold option each day in addition to sandwiches and seasonal fruits and veg. Everything is locally sourced and mostly homemade. On one particular Thursday, she had the option of a Sunday roast with all the trimmings.¬†Given this giant selection, Lena made the surprising choice of an egg sandwich. And she has stuck with that choice since the beginning of the year. Yet when I try to offer her an egg sandwich at home or while we’re out and about, she won’t touch them. Of course not.


So now it’s just me and Aksel hanging out during the day. I’m pretty sure he’s bored of me already. I just don’t have the same energy level as Lena nor do I fit in the laundry basket like her. This game is currently quite popular. It involves Lena manhandling Aksel, throwing toys at him while he’s trapped in a basket and then pretending she’s captain of the ship. I think it’s fairly clear which part Aksel doesn’t really enjoy.


We’ve been so impressed with everything Lena has learned. For one thing, she can READ. Seriously. At four years old; it blows my mind. And they don’t use letter names here. Rather, they say the sound of the letter and this has done wonders for Lena’s little accent. The “o” sound is more like “ah” so when she says dog or not, it sounds super British. I love it.


Also, being four is super hard because you think you’re a teenager yet you’re not fully in control of your life or emotions. So you have meltdowns while playing with friends because your mom won’t let you crash your little brother into a brick wall. Life. So tough.


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