Sketchpads And Crayons

“Be flexible”

“Hurry up and wait”

Ah, military life. It’s not for those who like to have a set schedule and plan. The Sarge’s schedule has been erratic as of late, to say the least. Day shift, swing shift, 12s, weekend duty… we never know what the next week will bring.


When we first started dating, I was quick to voice my dislike for the constant changes. Now, four years later, I’ve more or less given up the fight. No amount of annoyance or complaining on my part is going to change the fact that my husband has a demanding mistress and her name is the Air Force. However, she pays the bills so I think I’ll let her hang around.


We’re currently a one-car family so the schedule changes coupled with cold and rainy weather has forced me to get more creative in coming up with activities to entertain myself and the Bacon Bit. After a few days of being stuck in the house, everything starts closing in on you. So, I decided we should do some crafts and I went hunting through the closet for some supplies.


Do you have any seemingly strange things that you just can’t get rid of? For me, it is my art supplies from college. They aren’t anything particularly fancy but I think the sentimentality of my old sketch pads and colored pencils of younger, more carefree days prevented me from getting rid of them. My black art bag and tacklebox-turned-paint-caddy have made the trek from Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, Washington, all the way across the US and overseas to Great Britain.



As I laid out all the supplies for Lena, I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself at the irony of it all. The last time I had opened that bright yellow sketchpad, I was a know-it-all design student who swore she would never get married nor have children. Ah life, you sly little fox.

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I set up a table with a child’s version of a still-life for inspiration (felted fruits and veggies; it works, right?). Lena seemed to enjoy the activity and I relished the idea of passing on to her a love and appreciation for all things creative. Over the next few days, I offered up the notepad and crayons again and she happily created all sorts of little masterpieces.

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Perhaps she’ll follow in my footsteps and do something in the arts. Jason has big plans for her to become a UNC Women’s basketball star so he can get free tickets to all the games. Whatever she chooses, she’ll definitely know how to be flexible growing up in this semi-crazy journey called the military life.

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