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After nearly two years, we finally made it back to visit Jason’s dad and his wife Cherry. I could not ask for better in-laws; these are two of the most thoughtful and generous people I’ve ever met and I love them dearly. Cherry is the epitome of Southern Hospitality. Every time we visit, the house is stocked with our favorite foods, toys for Lena and there is usually a completely new bedroom set and decor in the guest room. Since we were leaving just before Easter, GeeGee and Mimi (as Lena affectionately calls them) had put together a special Easter basket for the munchkin complete with chocolates, books, toys and bubbles. Basically, all of Lena’s favorites things in this world.

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Tom is retired so we got to spend quite a bit of time with him which was great. He and Lena are two little peas in a pod and we actually suspect she may just be Tom’s complete clone. These two spent the majority of their time snuggled up together watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and snacking on Honey Chex while being smothered by four small chihuahuas. The jury is still out on who enjoyed it more.IMG_9172IMG_9134

Jason’s stepsister, Leanna, has a beautiful daughter named Victoria who also spent a few days with us entertaining Lena. And by entertaining, I mean that Lena bossed her around. They colored, played with puzzles, and ran around in the backyard with a frisbee. Luckily the weather wasn’t horribly humid yet so we were able to enjoy a bit of sunshine. I’d forgotten how bad the bug situation is in the South, however, so I spent most of my time in the enclosed porch. Ain’t nobody got time for gnats.

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Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see much of Cherry as she had just started at a new job and was in the throes of training. She’d also come down with an awful cough and tried to quarantine herself so as not to get the rest of us sick. However, she still managed to treat us to her famous meatloaf – something I’d been looking forward to since we booked our tickets. Mmm, my mouth is watering just thinking of it. She makes a honey mustard and ketchup dip that is drinkable and some of the most delicious mashed potatoes ever. We tried to help out by cooking dinner a few times but ultimately, she was just too gracious of a host to let us do much. Also, she is super stylish and has a knack for sending us amazing packages filled with beautiful clothes that we always love. Basically, Cherry’s the best!

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It was a really low key visit with lots of time spent just enjoying each other’s company. We don’t get to see GeeGee and Mimi very often but you’d never know it by how much Lena talks about them. And let’s not forget the pups – I now know where Jason gets his “stern” voice and high pitched giggle. It’s always hilarious to watch him and his dad together because they share so many of the same quirks. And Lena is following closely behind.

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Tom and Cherry, we love you both so very much! Thank you for another wonderful visit and all the thoughtful details you put into making us feel welcome. You have blended your two families together to create a beautiful legacy and these grand babies are a testament to that. We can’t wait to come back again soon!

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