Succulents And Sleeping Bunnies

I’ve been on an organizational and purging kick for the past several weeks. As a result, I’ve forced Jason into emptying every single closet, container and piece of furniture in our house. I am now proud to say that I know exactly what I own and have gained massive amounts of space which I am dedicated to NOT refilling with junk.

Feeling inspired by this new level of cleanliness, I decided it was time to fix up Lena’s room a bit. I really want her to have her own space for playing, reading, creating – whatever she feels like. It’s nowhere near finished but it looks a million times better than before I started.

There are lots of little details in her room that make me smile because they remind me of people and places who are important in the Bacon Bit’s life. We try to avoid buying her anything plastic or character-themed but this Winnie the Pooh nightlight made the cut. When we visited the Carlsson’s back in August, they had set up the spare room just for Lena and found the night light on clearance. She ended up loving it and it helped her sleep in a new place so into the suitcase it went.


The little piggie bank was a baby shower gift from Jason’s cousins and it’s now a major source of excitement. Lena loves helping me with chores – her main jobs are to empty the dishwasher and load/unload the clothes from the washer and dryer. I usually forget that these are “her” tasks and she’ll come running and quickly tell me I need her help. Then she gets to put a coin in her piggy bank and squeals with glee. The clock is also from Jason’s side of the family; it’s a hand-me-down from his dad and the embroidery was done by Jason’s Aunt Muriel. I thought it was sweet for a little girl’s room and every time she sees it, Lena insists we sing Hickory, Dickory Dock.


The giant, blue ruler on the far wall was a first birthday gift from the family of my violin student in North Carolina. Min, the mom, is a talented painter and makes all sorts of wooden crafts on the side of her interior painting business. As she grows, Lena can pose in front of the ruler while it documents her height. I love that it’s handmade; in my opinion, those are the best types of gifts.


Don’t mind the empty frames on the shelf; eventually those will be filled with artwork either by me or Lena. The elephant print on the left was from the Natural Science Museum. You’ll notice there’s an animal theme. I tried to pick things that Lena likes since this is her space, after all.


One of Lena’s favorite nursery rhymes is called Sleeping Bunnies. The lyrics talk about bunnies that are asleep and very still and then they wake up, hopping all around. I’m sure you can picture the choreography that goes along with that. I bought this little bunny at a local craft fair raising funds in honor of a girl in the village who had passed away from a brain tumor. I thought it was absolutely adorable and it was made by one of the moms from our playgroup which made me want it even more. I love supporting other artists!


Speaking of artists, I’m trying to be more deliberate about doing something creative each day. So I’ve been playing around with watercolor and acrylic paints in addition to a few other things. I made this poster for my kiddo that reads: You’re my favorite Lena in the whole wide world. It’s what I tell her every day so I thought it was a sweet reminder that she is very loved. The rooster was a gift from our neighbor. She brought it back from Portugal as a thank you for watching her dog while she was away.

IMG_6970 IMG_6969

Apparently, I have a thing for maps since this is the third map on this floor. I couldn’t resist the bright colors and I loved that it had illustrations for each area that represented what they were known for. Lena has made sure to point out all the different animals and images to me several times a day so it seems she likes it as well.


Succulents are my absolute favorite. I’ll probably be putting a lot more of these in her room as time goes on because she really likes this one.


This bookshelf from Target is the perfect height for storing toys and books. And it’s great because Lena can easily put everything away at the end of the day and she knows exactly where they go. At the moment, the alphabet blocks are her most-used toy. In addition to letters and numbers, each block has a picture of an animal with it’s name underneath in Norwegian. She’s slowly learning the names in both languages which makes me giddy.


In the window, I put these mini canvases painted by my cousin, Laila Eva. The size and colors are perfect.


This is Bear. She’s a very important part of our bedtime routine.


Eventually, there will be a nightstand here but in the meantime, Lena helped picked out this funky orange lamp from Ikea. It creates a beautiful, warm glow in her room especially as we’re reading her Bible and bedtime books in the evenings. The hanging mobiles are made from straws that I sewed together to mimic the himmelig designs that are so popular. I bought frames for the two prints then realized they would most likely end up impaling my precious little nugget since she likes to jump on her bed and touch the pictures. So for now, they’ll stay taped to the wall and we’ll call it the shabby chic look.


I need to fix up the top of this armoire but in the meantime, I wanted a place for these special pieces. The wooden plaque was carved by my grandpa who recently passed away. It has my name and birthday and was a gift to me upon being born. It holds a lot of sentimental value for me. And the frame has the very first picture Lena ever drew. I adore framed children’s artwork so there will be lots more where this came from as this room continues to evolve.


So there you have it. Mama, here are the photos you requested. I’m going to guess you’re the only person you managed to read this far!

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