Summer is for Stay-at-home moms


I have a dirty secret: there are days when I don’t want to be a stay-at-home mom. Gasp! It’s true. Sometimes I miss going to work, being creative and eating lunch with other adults. Feeding, clothing, changing, entertaining, nursing and [insert 8 million other verbs here] a toddler is exhausting at times. And it has to be done every single day – who knew! Living in England where the weather is generally grey and rainy serves to compound those feelings of monotony. However, this summer has been one for the record books with consecutive days of sunshine and warm temperatures. I have taken full advantage of this fact and planned activities that would keep us outside as much as possible.

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I’m so thankful to have made friends here who I not only enjoy spending time with but whose children are kind and fun to be around. Lena is quite the social butterfly and adores her little playmates. They’ve had a great time exploring the woods, sharing picnics and doing lots of running through fields while holding hands. As you can see from the chocolatey faces, there are always yummy treats to be had. My friend, Kathryn, is perpetually packing up homemade delicacies for our outings and they almost always have chocolate – is it any wonder I enjoy spending time with her?

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We even discovered a paddling pool in Cambridge at Lammas Land Park thanks to a recommendation from my friend, Jane. Her daughter is the one in the pink “bathing costume” as the Brits call it. I could have taken her home; she looked so cute! There was a little shop near the pool where you could buy snacks and toys. I decided the kids needed a boat to play in if nothing else than for the photo opportunities. Lena and “Di-yang” were even treated to a romantic cruise courtesy of Captain Kathryn.

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After swimming, we took all three kids down the road for lunch at Bella Italia overlooking the River Cam. The kids were sufficiently occupied with their meals which allowed us to have an actual, adult conversation. We all agreed that if ever there was a day to be a stay-at-home mom, this was it. So when the grey, dull days of winter are back again, I know summer is around the corner, waiting to redeem my faith that I can continue on in this line of work!

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